Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Ghost, Demon or Mortal and Birthday Sothis questions explained

In the opening of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you'll be posed a bunch of questions very quickly. Long-time series fans know simple questions can sometimes have big repercussions - but what about these opening questions in Three Houses? A choice between ghost, demon, or mortal is sure to make any player suspicious - and birthdays have a history of having an impact in this series. So. Allow us to explain.

The latest entry in Nintendo's beloved strategy RPG series sticks with tradition in that it poses you a bunch of questions that can change your story often - so much so that we've put together a definitive Fire Emblem Three Houses choice and consequence guide. One set of questions players get particularly hung up on is the opening, however - so we're here to clear that up.

You see, Fire Emblem games often have some significant tweaks hidden behind the opening choices. A choice between normal or hard and casual or classic modes is one thing, but an story dialogue choices could cause a story change later on or a stat boost might be tied to it, and there's a few of these in the opening courtesy of Sothis.

As such, some players want to know what they're choosing. With that noted, let's break down the conversation with Sothis from the game's opening...


Ghost, Demon or Mortal? What to say to Sothis in Fire Emblem Three Houses

At the very start of Fire Emblem Three Houses you'll find yourself in a dark void with Sothis, a mysterious green-haired girl who wants to pepper you with questions. Series veterans will know questions like this can sometimes have an impact on the game - so it's no surprise the choice has some heading straight to the internet. 

Very early on in your conversation, Sothis asks the following: "I have not seen the likes of you before. Who are you, anyway?" You can answer the following ways:

  • I'm a ghost.
  • I'm a demon.
  • I'm mortal.

Unsurprisingly, fans want to know what they're getting themselves into with this choice. Well, the answer is rather boring: nothing. Your choice between ghost, demon, or mortal has no effect. In fact, Sothis simply scalds you if you choose anything but mortal. 

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So this is one choice that isn't like other games and doesn't have a big effect. One choice in the early game setup does have a small impact, however: your birthday.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Birthday: what the protagonist and Sothis' birthday does

Once you've chosen your form, a choice between the male or female designs of protagonist  Byleth, you'll also be asked to set a birthday. In some Fire Emblem games this impacts stats - so in one game it gives you a passive affinity that has an impact on how certain battle interactions pan out.

In Fire Emblem Three Houses there is a stat reward based on your chosen birthday, but it's based on an accessory.

Basically, when you set your birthday it won't have any immediate effect. But when that birthday rolls around, your house leader (Edelgard, Claude or Dimitri depending on your choice of house) will give you a birthday present - this present will be an item that gives a slight stat boost. Note this present is given automatically as the calendar sifts through days. You do not need to talk to your house leader.

From Dimitri you will get the Blue Lions Brooch, for instance, which grants +2 to your CHA stat. 

From Claude, you get the Golden Deer Bracelet, also +2 CHA.

From Edelgard, you get the Black Eagle Pendant, also +2 CHA

Basically: your birthday isn't nearly as important this time around, but players wishing to min/max the game may wish to set their birthday earlier rather than later so they can get their hands on the gift quickly.

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Oh, and in case you're wondering Sothis' Birthday will always be the same as yours. Or at least, she'll say it is. That has no effect on anything either.

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