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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Explorer's Shores Guide

Once you get far enough in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you unlock Explorer’s Shores. These special islands allow you to gather all sorts of materials to build the towns of your dreams. Better yet, marking off materials on a checklist allows you to earn infinite amounts of certain materials, cutting out a lot of annoying gathering.

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What are the Explorer’s Shores?

Explorer’s Shores are extra islands, in addition to the main islands in Dragon Quest Builders 2. These islands are randomly generated each time you visit, but they’ll always have the same materials to grab. Also, you can find new villagers and animals to take back to the Isle of Awakening.

However, you can’t just go to the islands right away, you need to unlock them.

How do you Unlock Explorer’s Shores?

Explorer’s Shores can be unlocked using gratitude you earn from the Isle of Awakening. On the main islands, gratitude is used to level up your base. However, gratitude on the Isle of Awakening is used to unlock new recipes, as well as unlock different Explorer’s Shores to visit. Make your villagers happy by building them homes and other basic amenities and you’ll have plenty of gratitude in no time!

What can you get at Explorer’s Shores?

As noted above, you get a plethora of materials by exploring these islands. However, you’ll also notice a couple of checklists to the side when visiting an Explorer’s Shore. Checking off all the items on a checklist unlocks an infinite amount of a certain material, so it’s well worth exploring and finding everything!

One thing to note--you don’t mark items off the checklist by physically collecting the items. You have to find the items on the field, and a ‘Check!’ prompt will pop up. Checking the items off this way will finish off the checklist.

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