Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC - Expansion Pass Details and Lunatic Difficulty

There's a lot to do in Fire Emblem: Three Houses as detailed in our enormous FE Three Houses guide, but some fans want more: and we can't blame them, since the game is great. Thankfully, there's DLC coming, including the expansion pass, details of which have been confirmed.

Some players are wondering if Lunatic Difficulty, which was cut from the game, is making a return. Others want to know what they'll get by paying for the expansion pass, which is available now. So - here's those details: 

Lunatic Difficulty: coming soon as DLC

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is pretty excellent, but if it has any problem, as noted in our review, it's arguably a little too easy - even on the harder of the default included difficulty settings and on classic mode.

The good news is that Lunatic Difficulty, a staple of classic Fire Emblem, is set to be added to the game - but as downloadable content. Nintendo and the developer Intelligent Systems have confirmed that Lunatic Difficulty will be a free update to the game, however - no need to pay for it.

In a pre-release interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Fire Emblem Three Houses Director Genki Yokota asked fans to "please wait just a little bit" for the update - but we've no word on exactly how long that 'little bit' will be.

One of the expansion pass DLC outfits.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass Details

While Fire Emblem: Three Houses is absolutely enormous, for those that finish the game and still want more, Nintendo is planning to release four waves of DLC as part of the Expansion Pass

The Expansion Pass waves begin right at release, but then will roll out over the course of the following months from the release of Three Houses. Here's all the expansion pass details, including the waves:

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  • Expansion Pass Wave 1: Officers Academy outfits for female and male Byleth. This DLC was available on day one, release day - July 26th.
  • Expansion Pass Wave 2: Additional Auxiliary battle maps, helpful in-game support items, and more. Nintendo has pledged that this DLC will be released by October 31 2019. [Update: This wave released on September 11 along with a free update including Maddening difficulty.]
  • Expansion Pass Wave 3: Additional quests and costumes. This DLC pack will be released by the end of 2019. Alongside this expansion pass, there will be another free update.
  • Expansion Pass Wave 4: Discover new story content. Included in this is additional playable characters, locations and more. Nintendo promises to see this released by 30th April 2020. In this period there will be another free update to the game.

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass is available now - you just need to grab it through the Nintendo eShop on Switch.

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