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Dragon Quest XI S Tockle & Pastword Locations Guide: Where to find all the Tockles to get pastwords for the books in Tickington

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition has brought back a missing feature from the Japanese exclusive 3DS version, which is the exclusive 2D dungeons that are given to you when you reach Tinkerton for the first time. To get access to additional content here, you will need to find Tockles located all over the world during the course of the game. Some of these are to notice and very easy to miss, though luckily none can be missed permanently.

This handy guide will help you locate them, allowing you to access the new content. If you manage to clear all the new content from Tinkerton, you will get to fight the new hidden boss and will be rewarded with new costumes not found on the PS4/PC versions of Dragon Quest XI.

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Act 1 Tockles & Pastwords

1. Gallopolis Region

Right near the Campfire, southwest of the map.

2. Laguna Di Gondolia

Located in the bridge center of the map.

3. Warrior's Rest Inn

Inside one of the rooms near a fireplace.

4. Dundrasil Region

Near the entrance to Dundrasil, just slightly southeast of the campfire.

5. Lonalulu

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In the north part of town, near the church.

6. L'Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles

Inside the academy, near the center.

7. Sniflheim Castle

On the west side of the castle.

8. The Royal Library

Near the southeast staircase on the first floor.

9. Arboria

In the southwest corner of the village.

Act 2 Tockles & Pastwords

10. Octagonia Casino

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Near one of the slot machines in the center of the map.

11. Vikings Hideout

On the west corner right before the entrance to Gyldenhal.

12. Insula Algarum (Island near Sniflheim)

Defeat a dragon rider type enemy and fly to the SE island. The tockle is at the NE part of this island.

13. Luminary's Landing

Along the path before the summit.

14. Battlefield

On the 8th basement floor, on the other side of the barricade where you slide down from the campsite.

15. Havens Above

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On the east side of the center circle.

16. Zwaardsrust - Whale Way Station

Along a bend in the road.

17. Mount Huji

Inside the hideout.

18. Mount Huji - The Crucible

Inside the Crucible area of Mount Huji, right near the start.

Act 3 Tockles & Pastwords

19. Puerto Valor

Found in the house on the bottom center by using the Ultimate Key.

20. The First Forest - Whale Way Station

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Near the center on a log.

21. Cobblestone after rebuilding

Found in the house northwest of the village once the village has been rebuilt.

22. Gondolia

Found in the house on the middle right, requires the ultimate key to reach and for the monsters to have been cleared out of the city.

23. The Cryptic Crypt

Found in a cell at the end of Cryptic Crypt (which is in The Hotto Steppe), requires ultimate key.

24. Drustan's Labyrinth - Trial Isle

Found at the back of the island. This is accessed by entering a portal in the Zwaardsrust region

25. Drustan's Labyrinth - The Luminary's Trial

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Found in the Citadel of Spite, near a double staircase on the 2nd floor.

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