The Outer Worlds Science Weapon Guide: Where to find every science weapon

Although The Outer Worlds is home to some standard first-person shooter weapons, it’s also hiding some pretty awesome alternative weapons. 

When we say hiding we mean it though, to get all of the science weapons you’ll have to go searching for them. 

If you want to have a bit more fun with The Outer Worlds, go have a look for these unique weapons. It’s part of the Weapons From The Void side quest, which you’ll get as soon as you access the Captain’s Terminal on the Unreliable. 

Once you're done picking up your choice of the powerful science weapons, consider checking out or other in-depth Outer Worlds guides, including pages on a character flaws listall about companion recruitment, details on the level cap and a complete perks list with advice.

Shrink Ray


The first of the science weapons is also the easiest to find. As soon as you get your Power Regulator from Edgewater you’ll be given the option to travel across planets. Although you’re pointed in the direction of the Groundbreaker, you should instead go to Phineas’ Orbital Lab

Go into Phineas’ Lab and look on the table right in front of the unbreakable glass. You’ll see the Shrink Ray right in the open, and you’ll be able to pick it up straight from there. 

This will also inform you where to start looking for the next weapon. 

As you might expect, the Shrink Ray makes your enemy smaller when you shoot them with it. It’ll also do continuous damage as you fire. The effect doesn’t last very long after you stop shooting them with it, making the Shrink Ray a little disappointing. 

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Prismatic Hammer


After getting the Shrink Ray you’ll be told that the next science weapon can be found if you talk to Gladys on the Groundbreaker. You’ll have learnt that Gladys deals in information, so it makes sense that she’d know what to do. 

Talk to Gladys and buy the Battered Mardet Datapad from her. This datapad will lead you to the repair hangar on Groundbreaker, where you’ll find the Prismatic Hammer. 

Climb on top of the bunks where the datapad leaves you to find a hole in the wall. You’ll find outlaws here so be ready for a fight. Take them out and you’ll be able to use the keycard in order to get the Prismatic Hammer.

The Prismatic Hammer doesn’t just deal melee damage, but it can also deal ranged damage. Sweeping attacks can even deal more than one type of energy damage! 

Mandibular Rearranger


Once again Gladys will come to the rescue in regards to finding this science weapon. Talk to her and buy the Hephaestus Mining Archive Cartridge. View this back on the Unreliable using the Captain’s Terminal and it’ll tell you where to find it. 

You’ll find the Mandibular Rearranger on Scylla, in a building near the Abandoned Mining Outpost. This is a pretty easy one to find! 

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The Mandibular Rearranger slows enemies when attacked, and can freeze them completely if hit enough times. If you’re a melee player this and the Prismatic Hammer might be the ones for you. 

Gloop Gun 


The next science weapon is found a little differently than the others. Go to Monarch and talk to Duncan, who will give you the chance to buy a UDL datapad

This will point you in the direction of a computer in the UDL lab, the same one you’ll see in the Errors Unknown side mission. This computer gives you two choices in order to get the Gloop Gun, and one is significantly easier than the other. If you’ve got 100 hack, congratulations the gun is yours! 

However, if you’re not a hacking whizz, you can choose to answer security questions. The answers are as you’d probably expect:

“Protect the Chairman.”

“Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor.” 

“Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program.”

After answering the questions you’ll get the Gloop Gun. This gun acts as a gravity gun, lifting your enemies in the air as well as dealing shock damage. It’s a pretty cool gun, but much like the others it relies on your characters’ tech and science skills. 

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Mind Control Ray


The last of the science weapons can be found in a similar way to the Gloop Gun. Looks like Duncan is the new Gladys for getting us information, as talking to him on Monarch will let you buy the SubLightDatapad. Duncan can be found in the FallbrookDryGoodsAndSupplies

The datapad will lead you to an abandoned lab near Cascadia. You’ll be lead to a terminal, where you’ll then have to climb some platforms. Climbing these platforms will lead you to some ladders, which will give you the Mind Control Ray.

This weapon does exactly what it says on the tin. Shooting enemies with this will cause them to turn into an ally and fight with you.

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