The Outer Worlds Level Cap Guide: What the highest level is and how to get around it

One of the biggest questions with any role-playing game is where the ceiling of progression is. In TheOuterWorlds this comes in the form of a level cap. 

The maximum level you can reach in The Outer Worlds is Level30. By playing through the game and doing a small amount of the side-quests, you’ll reach Level 23 very easily. By going out of your way to do side-quests, you’ll easily reach Level 30. 

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What does this mean for perks and skills? With one perk point every two levels, you’ll get a total of 15perkpoints to use when you reach maximum level. You also get 10 skill points per level, which means a grand total of 300skillpoints at maximum level. 

With 42 perks in total, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of perks you just can’t get. The only way to get around this is to take on some flaws. Each flaw you take on will give you a perk point in exchange, so the more you have the more perks you can get. 

Depending on what sort of armour you’re wearing, you’ll be getting bonuses to your skills as well. This can provide a quick boost if you need to improve a skill very quickly. 

Another way to get around the fairly limited number of skills and perks is to use the VocationalCompetenceRespecificationMachine. This can be found on the Unreliable right above the workbench in the hangar. This will let you respec your character completely, which means you can change your character’s playstyle completely. 

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