Pokemon Sword and Shield - all Gigantamax Forms for planning your team

One of the biggest new features for battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the ability for Pokemon to Dynamax - to turn into huge, oversized versions of themselves for colossal, Kaiju-like battles. Any Pokemon can Dynamax, but a special few can Gigantamax - which is basically when the process of going Dynamax makes the Pokemon change forms.

Take first generation classic Charizard, for instance - the iconic Pokemon becomes an even more formiddable beast, with its wings turning to pure flame. Butterfree becomes a little like Mothra, while Gengar rather begins to resemble Atomos from Final Fantasy, a swallower of worlds. Gigantamaxed Pokemon gain access to a G-Max move, which is even more powerful than the Max moves from a regular Dynamax.

Anyway, like we said, not all Pokemon can Gigantimax. Of the four-hundred plus Pokemon and the eighty-plus new Pokemon in Sword and Shield, only a handful can Gigantimax and change form. Surprisingly, the Sword and Shield starter Pokemon aren't among them, nor are the Pokemon revived from fossils!

If you want to have several gigantamax Pokemon on your team for the end game in order to take them into online multiplayer battles, you'll want to plan ahead. To that end, here's a complete list of all Gigantamax Pokemon - so you know who has this unique ability.


All Gigantimax Pokemon - every Pokemon that changes form when Dynamaxed 

So here it is - a full list of Pokemon that can go Gigantamax, thus making them in a sense some of the most powerful Pokemon in Sword and Shield when the skill is available for use. Alongside the list of Pokemon, we've listed exactly where you can get on board with that Pokemon or its evolutionary line to add them to your team.

It's worth noting there are a few Gigantamax forms in the code of Sword & Shield that currently aren't available. They are for Snorlax, Melmetal and Toxtricity.

  • Charizard: you can obtain a Charmander in the late game as a gift, or find one of this line in a Max Raid Battle
  • Butterfree: catch a Caterpie on Route 1, a Metapod in the Rolling Fields or a Butterfree in the Wild Area
  • Pikachu: from a special Pikachu obtained by having a Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu save
  • Meowth: only from normal (non-Galarian) Meowth. Available as a pre-order bonus or via an in-game NPC trade
  • Machamp: catch a Machop on Route 3, or one of this line throughout the Wild Area
  • Gengar: Gastly and the rest of this line appear in the Wild Area and in Max Raid Battles
  • Kingler: Krabby and Kingler both are Wild Area spawns, while the latter is a rare Route 9 fishing spawn
  • Lapras: Lapras spawns on Route 9 and throughout the Wild Area
  • Eevee: from a special Eevee obtained by having a Pokemon Let's Go Eevee save
  • Garbodor: Garbodor and Trubbish can be found throughout the Wild Area and on Route 5
  • Corviknight: Evolves from Rookidee and Corvisquire, which are common across Galar
  • Orbeetle: Blipbug and Dottler show up a lot on Route 1, 2 and 5, plus in the Wild Area
  • Drednaw: both Chewtle and Dreadnaw show up commonly in the wild, both on routes, in Galar Mine and in the Wild Area
  • Coalossal: this evolutionary like (Rolycoly, Carkoal) all spawn in a few places, but are most common in the Mines.
  • Flapple: Sword only, evolving from Applin, which can be found on Route 5 and in the Wild Area
  • Appletun: Shield only, evolving from Applin, which can be found on Route 5 and in the Wild Area
  • Sandaconda: Catch a Silicobra on Route 6, or in Max Raid Battles
  • Centiskorch: Sizzlipede can be found on Route 3, then evolve it
  • Hatterene: the entire evolutionary family (Hatenna, Hattrem) is found in the Wild Area
  • Grimmsnarl: evolves from Impidimp and Morgrem. The easiest place to find these is in the Glimwood Tangle
  • Alcremie: catch this cake-like critter's non-evolved form Milcery on Route 4. It's also out in the Wild Area
  • Copperajah: the unevolved form of this elephant, Cufant, can be found on Bridge Field in the Wild Area
  • Duraludon: Duraldon can be encountered rarely on Route 10, and also in the Wild Area