Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Answers: how to ace all questions in Opal's quiz

Gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield are a little more differentiated than they have been in many past games, with each gym having a unique mechanic befitting its type and its gym leader. One gym is led by wisened old lady Opal - and in her fairy-type gym there's actually a quiz, with your answers to the questions helping to make battle easier - or, indeed, serving to make it more difficult if you flunk. With our help, however, you can ace the test with our list of fairy gym answers for every question you can be asked.

First up, a little bit of important background: while Opal will ask you questions regularly as you battle through her fairy Pokemon gym, you'll still have to engage in Pokemon battles. The Fairy-type is weak against Poison and Steel-type moves. There's a few great options for this gym's battles along those lines:

  • Corviknight evolves from Rookidee and Corvisquire, which can both be found from early on - and that's a dual Steel and Flying type. 
  • You could also grab something from the Oddish or Roselia evolution lines - both of these Grass and Poison dual types are found in the Wild Area.
  • Stunky is very common, and it and its evolved form are both half Poison-type

These are just a few suggestions to help you out, but whatever you do, avoid fielding Fighting, Dragon or Dark-type Pokemon here - Opal and her students' fairy-type Pokemon will eat them alive, quiz or no quiz. Speaking of the test and the fairy gym answers... let's get into it.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Fairy Gym Answers: all questions and solutions for Opal's test

As we said above, this gym encounter is a unique one in Pokemon Sword and Shield - and it's not one of the version exclusive gyms, so it appears in both games in exactly the same format. Here's how it works: before the early battles and then during your final showdown with her, fairy gym leader Opal will ask you questions. If you give the correct answer to each question, you'll earn a stat boost in the ensuing battle or turn. If you give the wrong answers to the questions, you'll lose out on the buff but also be hit with a debuff in the same manner.

Here's all the gym answers for Opal's fairy-type quiz in Sword and Shield. Some of them are trick questions, so beware (or just use our answers as gospel!)

Fairy Gym Questions & Answers

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  • "Do you know about Fairy type's Weaknesses"?
    • Poison or Steel (both answers are correct)
  • "What was the previous trainer's name?"
    • Annette
  • "What do I eat for breakfast every morning?"
    • Omelettes
  • "Do you know my nickname?"
    • The Wizard
  • "What is my favorite color?"
    • Purple (despite the color of the gym)
  • "How old am I?"
    • 16 years (this clearly isn't true, but be kind for a reward...)
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