Pokemon Sword and Shield Move Tutors: move reminder and all special move tutors located

As is Pokemon series tradition, Pokemon Sword and Shield feature a few moves for battle that can only be learned if you find a specific NPC and get them to teach you the move. Other attacks are covered by things like TMs and TRs, but Move Tutors are vital if you want to have access to all the moves in the game - and in this entry, some great moves are available from friendly NPCs across the Galar Region.

As well as the traditional Move Reminder that can make Pokemon re-learn moves they've previously known but forgotten, you can get eight exclusive moves from Move Tutors throughout the game. The moves are Draco Meteor, Steel Beam, the Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge and Water Pledge trio and the Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon trio. Most of these moves are taught by a similar-looking NPC - but he crops up in various places across Galar.

As such, we've collected all the locations to save you some time talking to every NPC in case they can teach you a new move. If you're after other useful NPCs, be sure to check out our list of in-game trades for the NPCs you can swap Pokemon with.


Move Reminder Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Over the years it does feel like the Move Reminder has become easier to find. This key NPC has gone from being just some random dude in a specific house in a certain town to being more readily recognizable - and in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Move Reminder is actually in every single town in the game - sometimes more than once!

Basically, the Move Reminder is inside every single Pokemon Center in the game. He's always behind the left-hand side counter, and can re-teach Pokemon moves they've forgotten. Best of all, he does it for free! That's what we call a quality-of-life improvement.

Where to find the Move Tutor for Fire Pledge, Grass Pledge and Water Pledge

The three 'pledge' moves have been a series staple in Pokemon for a while, and they're back in Sword and Shield - though as ever you'll need to track down a specific NPC to learn them. These three moves, for the starter Pokemon types of Grass, Fire and Water, work in tandem together - so if you can use the moves one after another, there's a bonus effect. Here's how they work:

  • Grass Pledge triggers a reaction when it is used alongside Water Pledge.
  • Water Pledge has a reaction when used alongside the Fire Pledge.
  • Fire Pledge has a special reaction when used with Grass Pledge.

So as you can see, it essentially turns the rock-paper-scissors type war between these three types into an advantage. It's particularly powerful when used in double battles.

The move tutor for the Pledge moves is in Hammerlocke City. In the south of the city you'll encounter stairs that lead to the waterside; there's a man hanging out down here in a pink jumper and a cap - if you speak to him, he'll teach it to any of the starter Pokemon, which includes the Charizard you can get in the post game

Where to find the Draco Meteor Move Tutor

Draco Meteor is widely regarded as the most powerful moves in one of the most well-liked and powerful types of Pokemon - the dragon-type. It's available via a move tutor, and luckily this guy will teach it to as many Pokemon as you like - which basically is more or less every dragon-type available (and some others besides). 

Find the Draco Meteor move tutor in Circhester. In the middle of this snowy town there's a natural stone bath that's seemingly been there for hundreds of years. On the left-hand side of the bath is an NPC in that pink jumper and cap again - he'll teach it to any eligible Pokemon in your party free of charge. At the point in the game when you can first meet the Draco Meteor tutor you will have had a chance to use some fossil combinations to create fossil Pokemon - and several of the resulting options are viable dragon types.

Where to find the Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon move tutor

Here's another move tutor that teaches a trio of moves from the starter Pokemon types of Grass, Fire and Water. This time it's Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon - all iconic moves highly associated with various region's starter Pokemon. Who doesn't think of Blastoise when they think of Hydro Cannon?

You won't be able to access these moves until later in the game for two reasons: for one, the move tutor is in Wyndon, which you can't go to until much later. Also, these moves can only be taught to the fully evolved forms of the starter Pokemon - which does also include Charizard once you get one, and will include any other starters if they're added to the game at a later date. Once you're in Wyndon, look for a guy standing in a grassy area, flanked by benches.

Where to find the Steel Beam Move Tutor

Steel Beam is an all-new move for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it's basically like the steel-type equivilant of Draco Meteor - it's a highly powerful Steel-type move designed to be put on your team-leading steel Pokemon. In Sword and Shield, one flagship addition - Corviknight - is part steel, remember.

Find the tutor for this move in Motostoke - down at the docks, there's an NPC (a different one, this time), who will teach it to any steel-type Pokemon in your party. Again, it's a free tutoring.