Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - How to revisit missed side missions

For all of those trying to get the most out of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, we have an important announcement for you - Sub-stories can initially be missed, but a workaround is coming that will allow you to revisit any side missions you might have missed

After completing the 30-40 hour main story one of the after-credits scenes teases that Bulma wants to work on her own time mission after being inspired by Trunks. Visiting Dr Briefs will tease the time-machine, but no matter what you do he won't let you use it. Thanks to V-Jump we now know that the time machine will be added in a future update, and will allow you to go back to previous time periods and complete any missed content. 

So, in short, whilst you can't currently revisit side missions, a future update will allow it. Whether or not you'll have needed to complete the game for this to work is currently unknown though, as is the timing for the update. Once you have the time machine, you can then head back, in turn making all the other content unmissable... even if it was missable early on. Try not to go cross-eyed thinking about this. Time travel! 


This is great news for completionists, as up until now it may have seemed like you have no way of getting all those missions done. 

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