Temtem Type Chart: strengths and weaknesses for all types

Temtem is the new Pokemon-style game that has PC players very excited indeed - and among its similarities to Pokemon is how each of the Temtem creatures you partner and fight with is assigned a type. Understanding Temtem types is vital if you're going to survive in battle.

While Temtem shares the concept of types with its clear inspiration, it is different: there are less Temtem types, and they are entirely different, with unique strengths and weaknesses - and the way those strengths and weaknesses work and stack is slightly different, too. On this page we break down those strengths and weaknesses in a full Temtem Type Chart that you can consult before and during battle in order to make sure you're striking down your enemies efficiently. This is also extremely useful to consider before deciding which of the starter Temtem to pick.

There are 12 total Temtem types - Neutral, Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Earth, Mental, Wind, Digital, Melee, Crystal and Toxic. Below is the type chart in the form of a useful image from reddit and a handy text-based list format we've put together. 


Temtem Type Chart: all types listed with strengths and weaknesses

Before we get to the actual type chart below - which in truth is less of a type chart and more of a type list, grouped by type - let's talk a little bit about how Temtem types work. Like much else in Temtem, the game is broadly similar to Pokemon, which means it works similarly to the type charts we've previously published for games like Pokemon Let's Go. For the uninitiated or the unsure, however, here's the basic must-know facts about Temtem's types and therefore the type chart.

Each Temtem creature can be of one type, or dual type, when it will have two different types. A dual-type Temtem inherits the strengths and weaknesses from both of its types.

For dual-type Temtem, the type strengths and weaknesses also stack - so a Temtem might be able to get x4 damage by stacking two x2 bonuses. For instance, both the Fire and Toxic types are Strong against Crystal, doing x2 damage - so a dual Fire & Toxic type would do x4 damage. The same applies to weaknesses, however, so a dual type Temtem might have some particularly potent weaknesses just as it does potent strengths.

In the chart below, Temtem types are listed pretty simply - Strong Against and Weak Against. These factors have an impact on both attack and offense in Temtem, as follows:

  • If a type is Strong Against something, it will deal double damage (x2) to Temtem of that type offensively. When defending against attacks of this type, they will do half damage (x0.5). 
  • If a Temtem type is Weak Against something, it will deal half damage (x0.5) against Temtem of that type when attacking. When defending, beware, as your Temtem will take double damage (x2) from those attacks.

With all that said, here's the type chart:

Neutral Type

  • Strong Against: None
  • Weak Against: Mental

Fire Type

  • Strong Against: Crystal, Nature
  • Weak Against: Earth, Fire, Water

Water Type

  • Strong Against: Digital, Earth, Fire
  • Weak Against: Earth, Toxic, Water

Nature Type

  • Strong Against: Earth, Water
  • Weak Against: Earth, Fire, Toxic

Electric Type

  • Strong Against: Digital, Mental, Water, Wind
  • Weak Against: Crystal, Earth, Electric, Nature

Earth Type

  • Strong Against: Crystal, Electric, Fire
  • Weak Against: Nature, Water, Wind

Mental Type

  • Strong Against: Melee, Neutral
  • Weak Against: Crystal

Wind Type

  • Strong Against: Toxic
  • Weak Against: Electric, Wind

Digital Type

  • Strong Against: Digital, Melee, Mental
  • Weak Against: None

Melee Type

  • Strong Against: Crystal, Earth
  • Weak Against: None

Crystal Type

  • Strong Against: Electric, Mental
  • Weak Against: Earth, Fire

Toxic Type

  • Strong Against: Nature, Water
  • Weak Against: Crystal, Digital, Earth, Toxic