Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Starters - test answers for the personality quiz and Starter Pokemon listed

When you sit down to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on Nintendo Switch, you'll be faced with a personality quiz that determines what your starter Pokemon will be. Depending on your answers, you'll be assigned one of range of fan favorites to act as your starter Pokemon.

This quiz isn't new to this version of the game - like the rest of this remake, it's been tweaked but not outright changed, so this is very much the same thing that players of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team experienced back on the GBA and DS. There is, however, one major difference: you don't have to cheat to get the Pokemon you want. Once you've completed the quiz, you'll be assigned a starter Pokemon - but if that isn't to your taste you can decline it and pick any other of the starters

Alternatively, you can let the quiz decide. If you want, you can answer these questions honestly and let the game assign you the Pokemon it feels best matches you as your starter Pokemon. That's the point of the quiz. If you're a bit nefarious and have a specific Pokemon in mind, however, we can help you to manipulate the personality quiz.


How the Personality Quiz works in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

When you start the game, you'll be asked eight personality-based questions and then finally a question about which gender you'd like to play as. Each question in the personality quiz will add points to hidden counters that measure various personality styles - which in turn are mapped to the Pokemon 'natures' you find in the core Pokemon games.

That means questions might mark you as things like 'Brave', 'Calm', 'Sassy' or 'Timid', among others. There are sixteen different starter Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, and each has a particular Nature trait attached to it. So, for instance, if your quiz result is the 'Hardy' nature and you pick Male, your starter will be Charmander. If you wanted a female Charmander, your Nature would instead need to be 'Brave'. 

This is how you can manipulate the quiz - by picking answers that boost the nature stat that's attached to whatever Pokemon you'd like to play as. 

As said earlier, unlike the DS and GBA Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, you can actually choose to decline your personality quiz results and pick another starter - or you can go with what the quiz suggests. Or you can game the quiz to get the result you want first-time, as you had to in the previous releases. The choice is yours.

Is there a best starter Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX?

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The short answer to the question of if there's a specific starter Pokemon that's better than others is no - there is no best starter. The Mystery Dungeon series is a very different sort of game to the main Pokemon games, and any choice of starter is absolutely valid. Nor is there really a 'best combination' between your main Pokemon and your partner.

Remember, in the DS and GBA originals, you didn't even have a natural choice of starter - it would  all be determined by the quiz - and so the game is built and balanced so that all are relatively equal. Pick based on your heart.

A quick note about Partner Pokemon

Once you've been given your Starter Pokemon after the quiz, you'll then select a second Pokemon to be your 'partner', an NPC that'll follow you and join you throughout your adventure. The pool of potential partner Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX is the same as the pool of starter Pokemon except for a few that aren't available: Meowth, Psyduck, Machop, Cubone, Eevee and Skitty. Keep in mind these can't be chosen as a partner when picking your starter. 

You can choose any partner Pokemon you like from the others, but your partner can't be the same type as your main Pokemon - so you can't pick both Cyndaquil and Charmander, both fire types, for instance.

Mystery Dungeon DX Starter Pokemon and their Natures

Here we list the natures for each Pokemon, which as mentioned above varies based on gender. So if you answer the personality quiz to max out the 'hardy' stat, picking male at the end will get your a Charmander as your starter, while picking Female will result in Pikachu.

Not all Pokemon have both male and female forms in this game - so where only one is listed, that gender is the only way to get that Pokemon as your starter. 

  • Bulbasaur: Male - Docile // Female - Calm
  • Charmander: Male - Hardy // Female - Brave
  • Squirtle: Male - Jolly // Female - Relaxed
  • Pikachu: Male - Impish // Female - Hardy
  • Chikorita: Female - Docile
  • Cyndaquil: Male - Timid
  • Totodile: Male - Naive // Female - Jolly
  • Treecko: Male - Sassy // Female - Quirky
  • Torchic: Male - Hasty // Female - Sassy
  • Mudkip: Male - Calm // Female - Timid

Plus there's the following, who can't be chosen as partner Pokemon, only as your starter:

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  • Meowth: Male - Quirky
  • Psyduck: Male - Relaxed // Female - Lonely
  • Machop: Male - Brave
  • Cubone: Male - Lonely // Female - Impish
  • Eevee: Female - Naive
  • Skitty: Female - Hasty

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Quiz Guide: answers for all questions on the personality quiz

If you're planning to manipulate the quiz, here's the questions, answers and their results - but remember that you don't actually have to game the personality quiz in this version of the game, you can simply choose a starter after declining the quiz results.

  • There is an alien invasion! What will you do?
    • Fight. [To Next Question "Fighting the Aliens"]
    • Run. [Timid +2]
    • Ignore it. [Relaxed +2]
  • You valiantly fight the aliens...but you are defeated. An alien tells you, "YOU HAVE IMPRESSED US. IT WAS A PLEASURE TO SEE. JOIN US, AND TOGETHER WE SHALL RULE THE WORLD." How do you reply?
    • Rule with the aliens! [Relaxed +1, Sassy +1]
    • Refuse. [Brave +4]
  • A human hand extends out of a toilet! What would you do?
    • Scream and run. [Timid +2]
    • Close the lid without a word. [Calm +2, Hardy +1]
    • Shake hands with it. [Brave +2, Impish +1, Naive +1]
  • You come across a treasure chest! What do you do?
    • Open it right away! [Hasty +2]
    • No...It could be a trap... [Timid +2]
    • It's going to be empty... [Sassy +2]
  • A delinquent is hassling a girl on a busy street! What will you do?
    • Help without hesitation. [Brave +3]
    • Help, even if scared. [Brave +2, Hardy +2]
    • Call the police. [Docile +1, Relaxed +1, Timid +1]
    • Do nothing out of fear. (Timid +2)
  • Can you go into a haunted house?
    • No problem. [Brave +3]
    • Uh.. n-no... [Quirky +2]
    • With someone I like. [Sassy +2]
  • A foreign person has started up a conversation with you. To be honest, you don't have a clue what this fellow is saying. How do you reply?
    • Haha! Yes. Very funny! [Jolly +3]
    • Um, could you say that again? [Hardy +2]
    • Right...well I gotta go. [Timid +2]
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  • Do you often yawn?
    • Yes. [Calm +2, Relaxed +1]
    • No. [Hardy +1, Hasty +2]
  • Do others sometimes call you childish?
    • Yes. [Naive +2, Jolly +1]
    • No. [Calm +1]
  • A friend brought over something you'd forgotten. How do you thank your friend?
    • Say thank you regularly. [Docile +2]
    • Say thanks with a joke. [Lonely +1, Naive +1]
    • Say thanks, but be cool. [Sassy +2]
  • Do you tend to laugh a lot?
    • Yes. [Docile +1, Naive +2]
    • No. [Quirky +2]
  • A test is coming up. How do you study for it?
    • Study hard. [Hardy +2]
    • At the last second. [Relaxed +2]
    • Ignore it and play. [Impish +2]
  • Grab any finger on your left hand. Which digit did you grab?
    • Thumb. [Timid +2]
    • Index finger. [Hasty +2]
    • Middle finger. [Jolly +2]
    • Ring finger. [Sassy +2]
    • Little finger. [Lonely +2]
  • Are there many things you would like to do?
    • Yes. [Hardy +1, Impish +2]
    • No. [Quirky +2, Sassy +1]
  • You receive a gift! But you don't know what's in it. What do you do?
    • Open it now. [Hasty +2]
    • Open it later. [Calm +2]
    • Get someone to open it. [Timid +2]
  • Are you a cheerful personality?
    • Yes. [Jolly +2, Naive +1]
    • No. [Quirky +1, Sassy +1]
  • There is a person you like, but here is no opportunity to get close. What do you do?
    • Bravely declare my love. [Brave +3, Hardy +1]
    • Might say hello. [Quirky +2]
    • Pull a prank to get attention. [Impish +2]
    • Look from afar. [Timid +2]
  • Are you often late for school or meetings?
    • Yes [Relaxed +2, Sassy +1]
    • No [Hardy +2, Hasty +1]
  • Do you hate to be the last person to leave class at the end of the day?
    • Yes [Lonely +2, Timid +1]
    • No [Impish +2]
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  • There is a wallet on the side of the road. What do you do?
    • Turn it in to the police. [Docile +2]
    • Yay! Yay! [Naive +2]
    • Is anyone watching... [Impish +2]
  • Can you focus on something you like?
    • Yes. [Docile +1, Hardy +2]
    • No. [Quirky +2]
  • Do you fall asleep without noticing?
    • Yes [Calm +1, Relaxed +2]
    • No [Hardy +2]
  • It's a weekend, but no one will play with you. What do you do?
    • Go on a trip. [Jolly +1, Lonely +1]
    • Hang around vacantly. [Calm +1, Relaxed +2]
    • Huddle in a corner. [Lonely +3, Timid +1]
  • Can you sincerely thank someone when you are grateful?
    • Yes. [Calm +1, Docile +2]
    • No. [Quirky +1, Sassy +2]
  • Your friend is being bullied! What do you do?
    • Face up to the bully. [Brave +3]
    • Caution the bully from afar. [Timid +2]
    • Heckle the bully from behind. [Brave +3, Impish +1]
  • Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement?
    • Yes. [Calm +2]
    • No. [Impish +2]
  • Do you like to fight?
    • Yes. [Impish +1, Timid +2]
    • No. [Calm +2, Lonely +1]
  • Do you like groan-inducing puns?
    • Love them! [Impish +1, Naive +3]
    • A little [Jolly +2]
    • Spare me [Sassy +2]
  • The road forks to the right and left. You are told there is treasure on the right. What do you do?
    • Instantly go right. [Docile +2]
    • It's a trap! Go left! [Sassy +2]
    • Choose either side. [Quirky +2]
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  • Do you like pranks?
    • Yes. [Impish +2]
    • No. [Docile +1, Relaxed +1]
  • Do you like to noisily enjoy yourself with others?
    • Yes. [Jolly +2, Lonely +1]
    • No. [Timid +1]
  • Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden?
    • Yes. [Quirky +2]
    • No. [Hardy +2]
  • Do you like to imagine things for your own amusement?
    • Yes. [Naive +2]
    • No. [Hasty +2]
  • You are suddenly locked inside a pitch black room! What do you do?
    • Kick the door. [Timid +2]
    • Cry. [Lonely +2]
    • Clean it. [Impish +2, Quirky +1]
  • Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. What do you do?
    • Become irritated. [Docile +1, Hasty +2]
    • Wait patiently. [Relaxed +2]
    • Get angry and bail. [Hasty +3]
  • You win a lottery! What do you do with the money?
    • Spend it now. [Hasty +1, Jolly +2]
    • Save it. [Hardy +1, Quirky +1]
    • Give it away. [Brave +2, Quirky +2]
  • Your country's leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her?
    • Speak calmly. [Calm +2]
    • Speak nervously. [Docile +2]
    • WHATEVER! [Sassy +2]
  • You broke a rotten egg in your room! What do you do?
    • Open a window right away. [Docile +2, Hasty +1]
    • Sniff it first. [Naive +2, Relaxed +1]
  • You're going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it's scary you decide to test the rope with a doll...The bungee cord snaps! Do you still try to make the jump?
    • Yes. [Brave +3, Impish +1]
    • No. [Docile +2, Timid +1]
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  • When the going gets tough, do you get going?
    • Yes [Brave +2, Hardy +2]
    • No [Quirky +2, Sassy +2]
  • It's a pleasant day at the beach. How do you feel?
    • This feels great! [Jolly +2]
    • Snore... [Relaxed +2]
    • I want to go home soon! [Hasty +2]
  • Do you occasionally consider yourself to be dull and over cautious?
    • Yes. [Calm +2, Docile +1]
    • No. [Hardy +2]
  • Do you feel lonesome when you are alone?
    • Yes. [Lonely +2, Timid +1]
    • No. [Sassy +2]
  • There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it?
    • Full. [Hardy +2]
    • Half. [Calm +2]
    • A little. [Quirky +2]
  • Do you get the feeling you've slowed down lately?
    • Yes. [Relaxed +2]
    • No. [Hasty +2]
  • Do others tell you to watch what you say?
    • Yes. [Impish +1, Sassy +2]
    • No. [Calm +2]
  • Have you ever made a pitfall trap?
    • Yes. [Impish +2, Lonely +1]
    • No. [Calm +2]
  • How quickly do you respond to email?
    • Reply right away. [Hardy +1, Hasty +1]
    • May reply, may not. [Quirky +2]
    • Too much trouble. [Sassy +2]
  • On vacation outings, you want to...
    • Go alone. [Hasty +1, Quirky +1]
    • Go with others. [Jolly +1, Lonely +1]
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  • You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?
    • Big Box [Docile +2, Naive +1]
    • Small Box [Calm +1, Timid +2]
  • Do you think you are cool? Be honest.
    • Yes. [Sassy +2]
    • No. [Relaxed +2]
  • It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?
    • The beach! [Jolly +2]
    • Spas. [Calm +2]
    • Anywhere. [Quirky +2]
  • Somebody calls you "weird but funny" How does that make you feel?
    • Happy! [Lonely +1, Naive +1]
    • Not happy. [Hasty +1, Sassy +1]
  • There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react?
      • Yank open the door. [Brave +3, Hardy +1]
      • Scream in unison! [Naive +2]
    • What do you do with you room's light when you go to bed?
      • Leave it on. [Lonely +2, Timid +1]
      • Turn it off. [Calm +2]
    • It's the summer festival! Do you like carnivals?
      • Love them! [Jolly +2]
      • Don't care. [Quirky +1, Sassy +1]


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