Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl- Gold Guide: How to grind Gravies as quickly as possible

As you might expect from a game focused on loot, Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl- Gold gives you plenty of chances to earn some pretty awesome items. However, the one thing that it seems incredibly stingy on at first glance is its currency, gravies. 

From the moment you’re first allowed to look at an item shop, you’ll notice that pretty much everything in the game costs a high amount of gravies. You’re looking at nearly 100 for any initial weapon, let alone further into the game. When you’re earning about 5 gravies per quest, this is going to seem like a big problem. 

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first. Gravies are actually not all that necessary in Snack World. Yes they’re obviously necessary for buying items in shops, but a lot of your best items are going to be found through the dungeons themselves. Sure, you’re at the mercy of RNG, but that’s a small price to pay compared to the gravies you’ll drop on some pretty uninteresting weapons. 


You’ll only really want a lot of gravies when you first find yourself in Metrufflis. You’ll find a massive department store with individual shops for all of the main brands in the game, and they’ll have some pretty great items on display there. By this point in the game you should have a pretty good handle on your currency, but you’ll definitely be spending a fair bit here. 

The absolute best way to earn gravies quickly is to sell items. Importantly, they have to be the right items. Don’t just go selling everything in your inventory, because Snack World really likes to give you the absolute bare minimum. For example, even though a gold ingot is classified as ‘Rare’, selling it will only net you 1 gravy. That’s because the game wants you to use it for crafting, so selling it is seen as a waste. 

This leads us to by far the best items to sell- jewels. These items can’t be used for anything else and fetch a high price when sold. You’ll also likely completely forget about how many you have as they’re found in dungeons really frequently. Each gem has a different worth based on their rarity.  

  • Dullish Gem= 3.00
  • Jaded Jewel= 10.00
  • Ruby Rock= 30.00
  • Brilliant Bijou= 60.00

Although 3 gravies may seem small to start with, the Dullish Gems in particular will stack so much that you’ll easily be earning 30 gravies without even thinking about it, and that’s without taking into account the other jewels. Combine this with regular questing and you’ll have more gravies than you’ll ever need. It’s important to remember that the gravy stinginess comes mostly at the start of the game. Later quests will be giving you enough that if you save up and regularly sell your jewels, you’ll be golden. 

You might also turn to grinding quests in order to get gravies quickly. A lot of the missions in Snack World are short as it is anyway, but a good one comes in Chapter 4 with ‘The Road to Macaroon: Through The Marsh’. This mission can be done in about 3 minutes as all you need to do is run to the end and beat one easy mini-boss. You get 12.00 gravies for completing the mission, so it should be clear how quick this is to grind.