Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: getting an Invitation to enter the Mystery House

In many ways Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX on Nintendo Switch is an extremely faithful recreation of the much-loved Game Boym Advance and DS title - but it does have some all-new features such as the Mysterious Rooms you can find in dungeons, also known as a Mystery House. That house has a catch, however... you'll need an Invitation to enter...

If you haven't yet encountered it, the Mystery House is a unique building that can crop up within the game's dungeons across both the story dungeons and the entirely optional dungeons. This building is there, teasing you, but you won't be able to enter it unless you've managed to get your hands on an invitation to do so. Bummer.

Entering the Mystery House can net great rewards including high-end items and TMs, and you'll also find Pokemon in there that you can recruit to join you. These are rarer Pokemon that you won't usually encounter in the dungeon you're currently in, which is handy. There are also some Pokemon that are exclusive to Mystery Houses.

As well as getting an Invitiation to enter the Mystery House and loot it of all its treasures, don't forget to check our guide to Wonder Mail Codes for a full list of codes to give you bonus items, TMs and Pokemon. We've got a guide to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX evolutions and mega evolution, too, if you require it. 


How to get an Invitation to the Invite-only Mysterious House in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

While you might be playing as an all-powerful team of Pokemon in this game, unfortunately you can't just brute-force your way into the mysterious rooms you find here and there in dungeons. These rooms appear at random, too - so when you see once, it might be a long time before you see another. They apparently have amazing bouncers - so if you don't have an invite, you ain't getting in.

However, there is an invitation. The invitation shows up at Kecleon's Shop, but like other items in the shop including other rarities like the Friend Bow, and even the mystery room itself its appearance there is entirely random. Kecleon's shop resets every time you go to sleep - which essentially means it changes after each time you explore a dungeon. You can just keep refreshing the shop this way until an invitation pops - and then you'll probably want to keep one at the ready for the next time the RNG gods bless you with the appearance of a house.

The description of the item, once you get a chance to buy it, reads: "It's an invitation from an unknown sender. What would happen if you put it in the mail slot of the mysterious rooms you sometimes see in dungeons?"

Once you have the item, get yourself into one of those houses to scoop up some neat rewards - it's as simple as that - if you can find them both at once, anyway...