Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers guide: All Crossword Puzzle Solutions

Persona 5 Royal adds a lot of new mechanics to the P5 experience, much of it new systems and moments meant to flesh out your time when you're not dungeon crawling. One feature that isn't new but has been significantly changed in P5R is the Crossword Puzzle, a side activity which shows up on certain dates.

The Crossword is important in particular because it's one way you can improve your social stats, Knowledge. Knowledge, an important stat as it will affect your scores on School Exams and is also a social stat needed to pursue relationships with the Priestess ConfidantStar Confidant, and Justice Confidant. In Persona 5 Royal, an easy way to consistently boost your Knowledge stat is to fill out the crossword puzzle found at Café Leblanc - as long as you know where and when to look.

Crossword puzzles were also present in the original Persona 5, but in that game, they were not an especially efficient use of time as there were better ways to raise your Knowledge stat. However, in Persona 5 Royal, crossword puzzles do not take time to complete. This means crosswords are basically free Knowledge points just sitting there for you, ready for you to grab as long as you finish the crosswords the nights they are available.

Listed below are the dates and crossword puzzle answers for each night the crossword is available. You'll be able to find the crossword book sitting on the leftmost/innermost table inside of Café Leblanc at night on certain dates. How the puzzle works is that the questions will repeat until they are solved by the player. You only need to fill out the blue-highlighted squares to solve the puzzle.

If you solve 15 of the crossword puzzles, you'll also get the Word Wizard award in the Thieves Den. Crosswords are otherwise not directly tied to any PlayStation trophies.


Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzle Answers & Dates

So, without further ado, here's all of the Crossword Puzzle answers in Persona 5 Royal, and the dates upon which they appear - all set for you to grab some hefty Knowledge stat upgrades.

Do note that the answers will always come in this set order, and are not specifically tied to a date. The dates listed below are simply all the dates the crossword is available at Leblanc, and the answers given below assume you have solved each puzzle on the earliest opportunity possible. If you happen to miss a crossword, no big deal, the same puzzle will just repeat itself the next available night.

  • 4/18 - SEMESTERS
  • 4/27 - BLOSSOM
  • 5/2 - GOLDEN
  • 5/10 - MALAISE
  • 5/18 - GALLERY
  • 5/26 - POLLENOSIS
  • 5/31 - JAPANESE
  • 6/3 - MASTER
  • 6/7 - CONFERENCE
  • 6/16 - WARDROBE
  • 6/22 - CURRENCY
  • 6/30 - FRONT
  • 7/7 - NARCOTICS
  • 7/12 - VACATION
  • 7/19 - FINALS
  • 7/27 - FIREWORKS
  • 8/3 - ISLAND
  • 8/8 - COURAGE
  • 8/17 - SUNBURN
  • 8/25 - SWELTERING
  • 8/30 - HACKING
  • 9/2 - TYPHOON
  • 9/19 - FESTIVAL
  • 9/28 - RANKING
  • 10/6 - BLACK
  • 10/10 - HALLOWEEN
  • 10/31 - STALLS
  • 11/4 - REWARD
  • 11/14 - BASHING
  • 11/28 - CHARISMA
  • 12/2 - INFLUENZA
  • 12/7 - ILLUMINATE
  • 12/12 - APPROVAL
  • 12/19 - CHRISTMAS
  • 1/14 - RESOLUTION
  • 1/19 - DIONYSUS
  • 1/23 - LACHESIS
  • 1/27 - OROCHI
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And that's it! If you're working through Persona 5 Royal, don't forget to consult our Confident Guide and Gift Guide to level up those relationships, and our page on how to get the canon true ending, too - it's missable!

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