Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to get The Johnny Experience trophy

Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn't have a lot of hidden trophies, but one of the few that it does have is 'The Johnny Experience', a trophy all about getting to know Johnny, our favorite scarlet-maned bro. It's okay to be his bro, alright? You'll need to accept it if you want this trophy. This is a trophy you'll be able to earn in Chapter 14, but you'll have to make sure to have done a few things along the way. Naturally, they'll all involve Johnny, so here's what you'll need to do if your opportunities to interact with him prior to meeting up with him late in the game.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Johnny Related Incidents

The wording of the trophy is to 'Witness all Johnny-related incidents' and it might not be 100 percent clear exactly what that entails, but to be honest, there aren't that many, and you'll be able to go back via Chapter Select in case you've missed any on your first playthrough. You're guaranteed to be introduced to Johnny near the end of Chapter 3, but outside of that, here are the other places you'll run into the lovable goof:

  • Early on in Chapter 9's Wall Market, when first on your way to Don Corneo's place, you'll hear Johnny as he runs past you heading the opposite direction. Here, you should turn around and meet up with him just outside of the Honeybee Inn on the other side of town. This is part of the 'Discovery: Vagabond Johnny'.
    • Here, you'll be given the option to agree Johnny by selecting 'Yeah' or otherwise selecting 'No.' You should select 'Yeah.' just to be safe, though we believe it's possible to get the final trophy with either choice. Might as well be as agreeable as possible though, right bro?
  • The second interaction with Johnny is all throughout the quest 'The Party Never Stops' which is one of the sets of quests found in Chapter 9 where you'll run around town with Johnny, re-enacting a lot of the events of the original game. We believe it's only important to clear the quest, as you don't make any dialogue choices during it that directly involve Johnny. See our Wall Market page for more details on the quest specifics.
  • The last Johnny incident is in Chapter 14 itself, involving the quest 'Tomboy Bandit'. You'll meet up with Johnny near the Sector 5 train station, who will have gotten his wallet stolen. Complete the straightforward quest by talking to Kyrie in the Sector 5 church and then heading over to Wall Market for a simple battle (see our Sidequest Guide for details) to clear the quest. Afterwards, you'll have the event 'Discovery: Johnny's Stolen Wallet', which simply involves returning to Johnny at the station after completion of the above quest to see him off and earn the final trophy.