Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy guide: How to earn the platinum trophy

For those of us that love RPGs (which is everyone on this website, hopefully), we all know the excitement of earning the Platinum Trophy for our favorite PlayStation RPGs as a mark of 100 percent completion. Final Fantasy VII Remake may only be the first part of a multi-game series, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a slew of optional objectives and side-content -- many of which reward trophies for completing.

While many of our other guides such as our guide to weapons, enemy skills, music discs, and bridal dresses will assist in earning specific trophies for those specific collections, there are a few miscellaneous trophies that don’t fit any particular category -- as well as several trophies you’ll earn without even trying. We’ll list them all here, and direct you to the best information we have to earning each trophy. Earning every other trophy will net you the Master of Fate Platinum Trophy.


Completion Trophies - You’ll earn these just for finishing the game

The following trophies will be impossible (or near impossible) to miss as long as you simply play the game to the credits:

Chapter Completion Trophies

  • Onetime Gig: Complete Chapter 1. [Bronze]
  • Escape Artist: Complete Chapter 2. [Bronze]
  • Mercenary Endeavors: Complete Chapter 3. [Bronze]
  • Night on the Town: Chapter 4. [Bronze]
  • Plan E: Complete Chapter 5. [Bronze]
  • Lights Out: Complete Chapter 6. [Bronze]
  • Trapped like Sewer Rats: Complete Chapter 7. [Bronze]
  • Reunited: Complete Chapter 8. [Bronze]
  • Never the Bride: Complete Chapter 9. [Bronze]
  • Sewer Survivor: Complete Chapter 10. [Bronze]
  • Paranormal Investigator: Complete Chapter 11. [Bronze]
  • The Collapse: Complete Chapter 12. [Bronze]
  • Broken Dreams: Complete Chapter 13. [Bronze]
  • Picking Up the Pieces: Complete Chapter 14. [Bronze]
  • The Pizza in the Sky: Complete Chapter 15. [Bronze]
  • No Appointment Needed: Complete Chapter 16. [Bronze]
  • Emerging from Chaos: Complete Chapter 17. [Bronze]
  • Destiny’s Crossroads: Complete Chapter 18. [Bronze]

Basic Trophies

  • Warming Up: Win a battle. [Bronze]
  • Weakened Resolve: Exploit an enemy’s weakness. [Bronze]
  • Staggering Start: Stagger an enemy. [Bronze]
  • Materia for Beginners: Level up an orb of materia. [Bronze]
  • Gotta Start Somewhere: Complete a quest. [Bronze]
  • My First Ability: Max out a weapon’s proficiency. [Bronze]


Combat Trophies - Earned for specific feats of combat

You’ll earn these trophies for completing simple (and less simple) tasks in combat.

Bonds of Friendship: Free a bound ally. [Bronze]

  • Several enemies and bosses have moves where they will bind a party member, rendering them unable to act. Simply free the bound character (by defeating or pressuring the enemy) to earn this trophy. You can earn this as early as the Scorpion Sentinel boss fight in Chapter 1.

My First Summon: Invoke a summon. [Bronze]

  • You could potentially go the whole game without summoning anyone, but why would you want to?

Summon Slayer: Defeat a summon in battle. [Bronze]

  • Complete one of Chadley’s battle intel requests which require that you defeat a summon in his simulator. The first one available is Shiva in Chapter 8 as Report 05.

Staggering Feat: Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy. [Bronze]

  • If you don’t get this naturally, fighting Fat Chocobo in the VR Combat Simulator is a good place to go for it. Simply stagger him, then use abilities like Tifa’s Rise and Fall + True Stike and Aerith’s Ray of Judgment to increase the Stagger %. You can spam Tifa’s Whirlwind Uppercut to top it off. Equip weaker weapons if you risk killing the boss before reaching 300% stagger. For more details, you can see our specific 200% and 300% stagger guide.

Returning Champion: Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session. [Bronze]

  • Complete any battle challenge in the Corneo Colosseum after unlocking it in Chapter 9.

Cleanup Crew: Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia. [Bronze]

  • Not specifically a combat trophy, but this one is pretty unique in its acquisition. During Chapter 6, once you turn off two or three of the lights, you can head to an optional area to the right of the final lift to end up behind the large fans you passed in front of earlier. After clearing a small combat room, you’ll be able to pick up this summon materia from behind one of the fans.


Minigame Trophies - Earned for doing well in specific minigames

You’ll earn these for simply doing well in several of the game’s (mostly) fun side gigs.

Heavenly Dart Player: Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard. [Bronze]

  • In late Chapter 3, get the high score (6 or 7 darts) at the dart minigame in Seventh Heaven.

Biker Boy: Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game. [Bronze]

  • Complete the motorcycle section of Chapter 4 without losing more than 25% or so of Cloud’s HP.

In Lockstep: Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5. [Bronze]

  • If you want to get into the Disposal Room in Chapter 7, you’ll need to bypass a four-level lock near the end of the chapter after you clear the required one-level lock.

Sultan of Squat: Complete all squat challenges. [Bronze]

  • Complete all three levels of the squats minigame in Chapter 9 at the Wall Market gym.

Peeress of Pull-Ups: Complete all pull-up challenges. [Bronze]

  • Complete all three levels of the pull-ups minigame in Chapter 14 at the Wall Market gym.

Dancing Queen: Receive a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar. [Bronze]

  • Earn Andrea’s Earrings for doing well enough in the Honeybee Inn dance minigame. It shouldn’t be too hard to earn 20+ ‘Great’ ratings, which should earn you the Trophy.

Crate Annihilator: Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges. [Bronze]

Whack-a-Box Wunderkind: Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges. [Bronze]

  • You’ll unlock the ability to partake in the kids’ minigame in Sector 5 as long as you complete side quests in Chapters 8 and 14 respectively. You’ll be able to select both difficulties in Chapter 14. Earning top scores shouldn’t be too hard, remember to save Infinity’s End to easily clear the 1500-point blocks, and prioritize grabbing red time blocks early.


Collection Trophies - Earned for collecting sets of items

Music Collector: Collect 3 music discs. [Bronze]

Disc Jockey: Collect all music discs. [Silver]

  • See our guide to Music Disc Locations if you aren’t sure where to pick up any discs that you are missing. Luckily, they are numbered 1 through 31, so it is really easy to know exactly what you’re missing.

Snappy Dresser: Obtain three bridal candidate outfits. [Bronze]

Dressed to the Nines: Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits. [Silver]

  • Getting all nine dresses will require several playthroughs of Chapter 9 and other chapters in order to ensure that you’ll end up with new unique dresses once your party lines up for Don Corneo at the end of the chapter. See our Wall Market and Bridal Dresses guide for clear instructions of how to earn each of Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud’s various dresses.


Endgame Trophies - Accomplishments to earn during Chapter Select

Best in the Business: Complete all quests. [Silver]

  • Pretty much all of the quests in the game are numbered and well sign-posted with obvious markers and goals. Simply open up the map and hit R1 to see the available sidequests, which are found in Chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14. 

  • Note that Chapter 9 has two sets of sidequests, one for Chocobo Sam and one for Madam M. If you are missing two quests in your Play Log and aren’t sure where they are found, it’s these two here.

Building Character: Attain level 50 with a character. [Bronze]

  • You’ll obtain this trophy relatively easily if replaying chapters in chapter select (or Hard mode). You’ll earn double exp and reach 50 pretty fast.

Hardened Veteran: Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty. [Gold]

  • Likely the single most time-consuming trophy to earn (with the possible exception of ‘Dressed to the Nines’). You’ll have to complete each chapter on Hard mode, which can get very tough with late-game boss fights. Our suggestion is to do the chapters in order to earn Manuscripts for each character, and level up your materia as much as possible.

Intelligence Agent: Complete all battle intel reports. [Silver]

  • Simply return to Chadley (likely in Chapter 14) to complete the 20 Battle Intels, which culminates in a fight against Bahamut once the previous 19 have been completed. Most of these are pretty straight-foward, such as assessing enemies, exploiting weaknesses, and staggering foes. The most time-consuming will likely be to master all Magic (Green) materia -- you’ll probably have to slot Revival materia for a good while in order to finish this out. Remember that once you finish the game you get triple AP - making it a lot easier to grind that out.

  • See our Summons guide for tips on defeating each of the VR Summon battles.

Weapons Expert: Learn all weapon abilities. [Silver]

  • Each character has 6 weapons, each of which will teach its user a new ability unique to it. You’ll have to use each ability with the weapon equipped a handful of times before learning it permanently. Simply take a look at our Weapons Guide for locations of each weapon for each party member, and remember that obtaining one weapon requires you to steal it from a boss.

Master of Mimicry: Learn all enemy skills. [Silver]

  • Enemy Skill is a Materia you’ll earn for completing Battle Intel Report 16, which requires you to Assess 30 enemy types. You can take a look at our Enemy Skill page for details on learning the four available abilities.


Hidden Trophies

Final Fantasy VII Remake has five hidden trophies, most of which will be earned late in the game.

Say It with Flowers: Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement. [Bronze]

  • Not certain that it’s possible to miss this. You’ll earn it after picking flowers to decorate the Leaf House in Chapter 8.

That's the Smell: Defeat a Malboro. [Silver]

  • You’ll fight Malboro in the final battle of ‘Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend’, available in Chapter 17 once you unlock Chapter Select.

Ultimate Weapon: Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype. [Gold]

  • Once you complete every other battle challenge available in both the Corneo Colosseum and Shinra Battle Simulator, you’ll unlock ‘Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets’ as the final battle challenge in Chapter 17. After fighting through a gauntlet of summons you’ll face the Pride and Joy Prototype at the end. 

Divine Gratitude: Receive a letter from an angel. [Bronze]

  • In Chapter 14, once you’ve completed all quests (specifically all quests involving Mireille), you’ll find a letter on the path (along with another Elemental materia) in Wall Market’s Urban Advancement District leading towards where you grapple up to the plate to start Chapter 15. While you could complete all quests just to be safe, the required ones are likely ‘The Angel of the Slums’, ‘The Price of Thievery’, and ‘Corneo’s Secret Stash’, since they all involve Mireille.

  • Update: We have been able to confirm that undertaking 'The Price of Thievery' is not required to get the letter or trophy (or Materia).

The Johnny Experience: Witness all Johnny-related incidents. [Bronze]

  • You’ll earn this achievement upon returning Johnny’s Wallet after completion of ‘Tomboy Bandit’ in Chapter 14 (which is marked as a Discovery called ‘Johnny’s Stolen Wallet’.) You’ll also have to complete the Discovery ‘Vagabond Johnny’ by talking to him in early Chapter 9 near the Honeybee Inn. It’s possible you may also have to make sure to complete ‘The Party Never Stops’ quest in Chapter 9, since it also involves Johnny.