Sakura Wars Bromides guide: where to find all the secret discoverable bromide collectibles hiding in the game

Sakura Wars has a lot of hidden bromides throughout the game. Nearly all of them are time sensitive and only have a narrow gap in which players can find them. If you're a fan of the older Sakura Wars games in the series or curious about who the characters in the older games were, you should seek them as many of them as you can out.

In this guide, we'll cover all the secret bromides you can easily miss. Aside from these, other bromides can easily be purchased from Komachi's shop when the bromide icon on the map appears over her. You can only buy one bromide from her shop at any given time and have to wait later until the chance arises once more. These cost no money, since there is no currency system in the game.

You can also obtain more bromides from completing mission objectives in the Battle Bot simulator that unlocks in Chapter 3 that lets you replay past stages with different characters.

Note that in New Game+, any bromide you missed on your first playthrough will now show up on the map too.

Here are all the hidden bromide collectibles you can find in each chapter. Some bromides only appear after certain intermissions in a chapter.

To make sure you see absolutely everything in Sakura Wars, be sure to check out our guides to the main story dialogue options, the secondary story choices, the dating events and, of course, how to get all of the endings. We've got you covered!


Chapter 1 Bromide Locations

  • S01: Sakura Shinguji (Combat) - Right outside the Manager’s Office
  • S17: Erica Fontaine (Revue) - By a cello inside the Music Room
  • S28: Gemini Sunrise - Back left corner of the Archives

Obtainable after the Momotaro performance

  • S03: Sumire Kanzaki (Combat) - Between Seijuro’s room and the stairs
  • S30: Sagitta Weinberg (Cheiron Archer) - Center plant next to the window in the dining room
  • S51: The Triumphant New York Combat Revue - Landing between the set of stairs at the main lobby

Chapter 2 Bromide Locations

  • 001: Seijuro Kamiyama, the Dashing New Captain - In front of Sakura’s room after the ‘Like Sakura Shinguji’ tête-à-tête event
  • S07: Iris (Combat) - By the right chair at the end of the long table near the entrance of the Control Room
  • S21: Coquelicot (Revue) - Behind the end of the long table in the Accounting Room

Obtainable when it turns to night before Intermission 1

  • S09: Kohran Li (Combat) - Parlor table on the 2nd floor
  • S36: Subaru Kujo - By the left lamp-post closest to the entrance upon entering the Courtyard
  • S50: The Triumphant Paris Combat Revue - By a cardboard box in the Prop Storeroom near the entrance from the hallway

Obtainable after Intermission 1

  • S11: Kanna Kirishima (Combat) - By the costume rack to the right in the Wardrobe room
  • S23: Lobelia Carlini (Revue) - Down the right side of the hallway between all the girls’ rooms on the 2nd floor
  • S34: Diana Caprice - At the end of the top sofa to the right of the main lobby that faces a circular table and another sofa

Obtainable after Intermission 2

  • S15: Reni Milchstraße (Combat) - On top of the left container upon entering the Underground Hangar
  • S25: Hanabi Kitaoji (Revue) - Between the Accounting Room and the dining room just to the left of the VIP Room entrance
  • S32: Rikaritta (Rosarita) Aries - Next to the side of a tree on the 2nd floor of the main lobby
  • S43: Erica Fontaine, the Walking Disaster - To the right of Hiromi’s shop

Chapter 3 Bromide Locations

  • 002: Seijuro Kamiyama, the Flower Division’s Leader - In the Archives after initiating Claris’s tête-à-tête event
  • S05: Maria Tachibana (Combat) - In the Dressing Room in front of the left set of windows
  • S13: Orihime Soletta (Combat) - To the right of the lamp-post in front of the bookstore
  • S39: The Three Theater Girls of the Wind Division - Next to the potted plant by the leftmost windows

Obtainable after Intermission 1

  • S40: Mell and Ci - In the Prop Storeroom area behind the Stage
  • S42: Petitmint (Peppermint), the Elusive Star - By the left bench closest to the entrance upon entering the Courtyard
  • S44: Geminine, the Masked Warrior - Go up the right set of stairs in the main lobby & it’s in front of the middle sofa on the 2nd floor

Chapter 4 Bromide Locations

  • S22: Coquelicot - In the Manager’s Office on the table to the right upon entering
  • S33: Diana Caprice - On top of the left round table upon entering the Grand Imperial Hotel
  • S49: The Triumphant Imperial Combat Revue - The hallway area on the 2nd floor in front of the Archives

Obtainable after Intermission 1

  • S08: Iris - Near the entrance of the Dressing Room to the immediate right of it
  • S16: Reni Milchstraße - To the right of the wall of sake casks at the Kabuki-Za
  • S26: Hanabi Kitaoji - Enter the Stage from the right door of the 1st floor main lobby; it’s located at the front row of the sector of seats immediately in front of the right door you entered from
  • S31: Rikaritta (Rosarita) Aries - In the long box with the tools inside the Underground Hangar
  • S35: Subaru Kujo - At the very back corner of Café Gilles du Lait
  • S45: Sakura Shinguji, The Flower on the Battlefield - On top of the right flowerbed in front of the department store display at the right side of Ginza Odori

Chapter 5 Bromide Locations

  • 003: The Flower Division Captain Takes a Break - In front of Seijuro after the ‘A Ninja’s Task’ secondary event
  • S10: Kohran Li - By the green trash can to the right of Tokyo Central Station
  • S29: Sagitta Weinberg (Cheiron Archer) - On the rightmost booth stand at the Rooftop Amusement Park
  • S41: Two Friends, Two Fans of the Star Division - By the Grand Imperial Theater entrance by a window a little bit past Itsuki

Obtainable after Intermission 2

  • 056: Yui Huang of the Shanghai Combat Revue - Speak to Komachi at her shop
  • S06: Maria Tachibana - On the small table by the piano in the Music Room
  • S14: Orihime Soletta - By the left set of voice tubes down in the Control Room
  • S20: Glycine Bleumer - At the northeast corner of the Atrium

Chapter 6 Bromide Locations

  • 004: Captain, Tokyo Needs You! - In the main lobby of the Grand Imperial Theater in front of the entrance after the main story has Seijuro advertising as Peanut outside
  • 005: Quicksilver Kamiyama - Right by the Wardrobe after the ‘A Threat to the Grand Imperial Theater’ secondary event
  • 053: Xiaolong Yang, the Burning Chef - Complete the ‘Azami Delivers!’ secondary event
  • 058: Lancelot of the London Combat Revue - Complete the ‘Luxurious Luster’ secondary event
  • S12: Kanna Kirishima - At the Tokyo Central Station in front of the entrance to the Grand Imperial Hotel
  • S27: Gemini Sunrise - Go straight upon entering Mikasa Memorial Park and it’ll be by the tree and flower bed behind where Azami is standing
  • S46: The Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division - Down the hallway past the Wardrobe and Dressing Room

Obtainable after Intermission 1 

  • 012: A Special Day - Sakura - Obtained after taking Sakura on a date during the day
  • 020: A Special Day - Hatsuho - Obtained after taking Hatsuho on a date during the day
  • 028: A Special Day - Azami - Obtained after taking Azami on a date during the day
  • 036: A Special Day - Anastasia - Obtained after taking Anastasia on a date during the day
  • 044: A Special Day - Claris - Obtained after taking Claris on a date during the day
  • 060: Margarethe of the Berlin Combat Revue - Talk to Komachi at her shop
  • S19: Glycine Bleumer (Revue) - Outside in front of the Grand Imperial Theater by the fence between the unfinished outdoor stage & newspaper stand
  • S24: Lobelia Carlini - In the Bath on the baskets to the left of the mirror
  • S38: Shinjiro Taiga, Captain of the New York’s Star Division - At Ginza Yokocho down the alleyway to the right of Shenlong in front of the fortune teller by the white banner

Chapter 7 Bromide Locations

Obtainable after Intermission 1

  • 006: It’s a Raid, Captain Kamiyama! - In the Music Room by its entrance after completing the ‘Care to Dance?’ secondary event
  • S18: Erica Fontaine - On Sumire’s chair in the Control Room
  • S37: Ichiro Ogami, Captain of the Flower Division - Behind Seijuro’s bed in his room
  • S48: Five Starlets on Stage - To the right of the fireplace in the Parlor

Final Chapter Bromide Locations

Obtainable after Intermission 2

  • S02: Sakura Shinguji - On the leftmost front seats at 2nd Floor Seating
  • S04: Sumire Kanzaki - At the back left corner of the Manager’s Office in front of the painting
  • S47: Chattes Noires Dance Team - At the front of the unused door in the Access Tunnel in front of the entrance to the Bath