Persona 4 Golden Part Time Jobs: every job, requirements & rewards

In between your adventures in the back-side of the TV, Persona 4 Golden has you juggling all the aspects of life of a teenager - and that includes needing a little extra money. For that, there’s part-time jobs you can take on - and this guide is here to help.

Part-time jobs are an important part of your non-superheroic life in Persona 4, alongside doing well in school by answering test and class questions correctly.  

Each part-time job in P4G serves multiple purposes. They all earn you money, but given you’ll be earning a lot of cash in dungeons you’ll more likely be taking on the jobs to access other bonuses like stat boosts and access to certain characters that are listed in our full P4G Social Link guide. 


Persona 4 Golden Part-Time Jobs: all jobs, requirements, locations & rewards

So, here it is - a list of all the part-time jobs available to the protagonist in Persona 4 Golden. To access the jobs you’ll need to check out the Town Bulletin Board in the northern part of the Central Shopping District. 

Once you’ve seen and applied for a job on the bulletin board, you can go for it. A handful of jobs are undertaken at home, but most of them are accessed via the bus stop in the south end of the central shopping district.

Some part-time jobs require you have a certain stat in order to take it on. We detail how to boost these in our Persona 4 Golden Social Stats guide. Other part-time jobs lead directly to unlocking certain s-links as explained in our full P4G social links guide - and we link to the relevant s-links below, too.

Envelope Constructor Job

  • Available from 4/23
  • Salary: 1000 Yen - 5000 Yen depending on your Diligence Stat
  • Location: Your Desk at Home
  • Boosts your Diligence Stat each time you do it.

Translator Job

  • Available from 4/23. Requires Knowledge Level 2.
  • Salary: 1000 Yen - 5000 Yen depending on your stats
  • Location: Your Desk at Home
  • Boosts your Expression Stat each time you do it.

Origami Crane Folder Job

  • Available from 4/23. Requires Diligence Level 2.
  • Salary: None (Volunteer job)
  • Location: Your Desk at Home
  • Boosts your Understanding Stat each time you do it

Assistant Day Care Caretaker Job

  • Available from 4/23. Requires Understanding stat.
  • Work Days: Monday, Friday & Saturday. Not on rainy days.
  • Salary: 4000 Yen - 10,000 Yen, depending on stats.
  • Location: Take the Bus from the Bus Stop
  • Gives access to the Eri Minami (Temperance) Social Link and boosts Understanding

Pub Dishwasher Job

  • Available from 5/25.
  • Work Days: Any nighttime
  • Salary: 2000 Yen to 4000 Yen.
  • Location: The Shiroku Pub - which is what the Shiroku Store in the Central Shopping District becomes at night
  • Raises Diligence and another random stat.

Hospital Janitor Job

  • Available 5/25. Requires Diligence Level 3.
  • Work Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Nights
  • Salary: 4000 Yen - 8000 Yen depending on stats
  • Location: Take the Bus to the Hospital
  • Gives access to the Sayoko Uehara (Devil) social link and raises Courage.

Tutor Job

  • Available 5/25. Requires Understanding Level 5.
  • Work Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Nights
  • Salary: 10,000 Yen
  • Location: Take the Bus from the Bus Stop.
  • Gives you access to the Shu Nakajima (Tower) social link. Boosts Expression and Knowledge stats.