Persona 4 Golden Scooter Riding: bike skills & unlocking Okina City explained

Now out on PC, Persona 4 Golden is the enhanced version of the much-loved PS2 RPG - and one of the major additions in P4G is Bike Riding in the form of a new rideable Scooter for the protagonist and his pals to tool around on.

As well as opening up a larger chunk of the area surrounding Inaba to the playuer (thus introducing new areas not found in the original Persona 4, riding your Scooter has significant benefits in battle, unlocking new Bike Skills for each party member.

On this page we detail when the scooter will be unlocked for you, plus thenm how to unlock Okina City, plus all opf the Bike Skills for every character.


How to Unlock the Scooter & Okina City in Persona 4 Golden

Here's the good news: your Scooter Unlock is entirely automatic; you'll get the event which will hand over your scooter around June 8th (though not necessarily exactly on that day). It's unmissable.

Bike riding on the scooter gradually unlocks new locations - the more you ride, the more locations you'll unlock. Specifically:

  • Rising Around the Neighborhood several times will eventually unlock the ability to ride to Okina City, a vital location. Okina also unlocks automatically, but not until much later - it's worth unlocking via the bike.
  • After you first reach Okina City, going for a Long Ride multiple times will eventually unlock Shichiri Beach. The beach has much less worthwhile than the city, but it is required for one of the Fox quests for the Hermit s-link.

As well as unlocking these new locations, Riding your Scooter also boosts your Courage Social Stat.

These new locations are important - Okina City and Shichiri Beach are vital locations in some of the Persona 4 Golden side quests, while quite a few of the character costume unlocks are accessed via a store in Okina. 

There's also a cinema that can be used to boost your social link relationships, a cafe where you can get new Persona skill cards, and the beach can be used for various bonuses, too.


Persona 4 Golden Bike Skills

As well as unlocking new locations, each character in Persona 4 Golden will be able to learn new abilities for use in dungeons via going on bike rides.

These special abilities - the P4G Bike Skills - are unique to each character, and typically add new skills to their ability list that'll help to make them more useful in more ways in battle by giving new elemental spells or buffs.

Your party can be found hanging out by gas station in the south shopping district on an afternoon; go on a ride with them to learn the bike skills.

There are five bike skills per character, which unlock in order. They're listed for each character below:

Yosuke Bike Skills

  1. Confuse Boost - Confusion-based attacks are 1.5x more effective (Passive buff)
  2. Megido - Inflict a moderate amount of Almighty element damage to all enemies (18 SP)
  3. Green Wall - Increase an ally's Wind element resistance for 3 turns (18 SP)
  4. Makara Break - Negates Makarakarn effect from enemies (18 SP)
  5. Diarahan - Recovers all HP to one ally (18 SP)

Chie Bike Skills

  1. Hama - Use the power of light on one enemy - 30% chance of instant death (8 SP)
  2. Mind Slice - Inflict a moderate amount of Physical Damage with a chance of Confusion ailment on all enemies (HP cost)
  3. Hamaon - Use the power of light on one enemy - 60% chance of instant death (HP cost)
  4. Tetra Break - Negates Tetrakarn effect from all enemies (18 SP)
  5. Bufudyne - Inflict a large amount of Ice element damage on one enemy (12 SP)

Yukiko Bike Skills

  1. Valiant Dance - 30% chance of inflicting Rage ailment on all enemies (12 SP)
  2. Marakunda - Decrease all enemies' Defense for 3 turns (24 SP)
  3. Red Wall - Increase an ally's Fire Resistance for 3 turns (18 SP)
  4. Spirit Drain - Drain 30 SP from an enemy (3 SP)
  5. Mind Charge - The next Fire, Ice, Electrical, Wind or Almighty magic attack is 2.5x greater in power (15 SP)

Kanji Bike Skills

  1. Media - Recover a small amount of HP to all allies (7 SP)
  2. Atom Smasher - Inflict a moderate amount of Physical damage with a chance to inflict the Fear ailment on all enemies (HP cost)
  3. Blue Wall - Increase an ally's Electricity element resistance for 3 turns (18 SP)
  4. Fast Heal - Halves the time needed to recover from status ailments (Passive Buff)
  5. Mediarama - Recovers a moderate amount of HP to all allies (12 SP)

Teddie Bike Skills

  1. Dekunda - Cancels out negative status effects on all allies (10 SP)
  2. Life Drain - Drains 30 HP from one enemy (3 SP)
  3. Mustard Bomb - Inflicts a moderate amount of Physical damage with a chance to inflict the Enervation ailment on all enemies (HP cost)
  4. White Wall - Increase an ally's Ice element resistance for 3 turns (18 SP)
  5. Evade Physical - 3x evasion vs Physical attacks (Passive Buff)

Naoto Bike Skills

  1. Bufudyne - Inflict a large amount of Ice damage on one enemy (12 SP)
  2. Ziodyne - Inflict a large amount of Electrical damage on one enemy (12 SP)
  3. Tetraja - Protect an ally from an instant death attack (24 SP)
  4. Myriad Arrows - Inflict a large amount of Physical damage on all enemies up to three times (HP cost)
  5. Angelic Grace - Double evasion for all magic attacks except for Light, Dark, Almighty and Ailment attacks (Passive Buff)

Rise Bike Skills

  • All-out Attack Buff: Each 'Bike Level' increases Rise's All-out-Attack damage - up to five times. This can be an incredibly powerful buff, so don't overlook it just because it's less interesting level-to-level than the others.