Star Ocean The Second Story R - Field of Wisdom Walkthrough

Star Ocean The Second Story R redesigns some of the dungeons found in earlier versions of the game. While most of these new dungeons are relatively straightforward, a few are a little trickier, and that includes the Field of Wisdom.

The primary goal of the Field of Wisdom is to hit the six switches found throughout the maze, which will open up the way to the game's boss. Of course, some chests are a bit out of the way, and we'll want to get those too. However, the maze is also littered with both Yellow and Red floor panels. When you step on a Yellow panel, you'll warp to a nearby Yellow panel, and then Red panels will activate. Red panels work the same way of course, and only one color can be 'active' at a time. If you've found your way to this page, you've probably figured out *how* this puzzle works, but want to figure out a way through it.

As I was playing through the game, I found myself slightly annoyed trying to path my way to all the switches and chests. So I decided to write up how to get through the Field of Wisdom. Find it below!

Star Ocean 2 - Field of Wisdom Solution

Our walkthrough for the Field of Wisdom is below, presented in a step-by-step fashion. If there are other guide outlets out there looking at copying this list, it would be strange if you came up with the exact same path through the dungeon I did, right?

First, we'll sweep through the dungeon hitting all six required switches while collecting *some* chests. Then we'll make our way to the remaining chests before leaving. Remember, you can always make your way to the dungeon entrance using Fast Travel, which will reset the puzzle.

  • Start at the entrance and leave out the Left door. Work your way to the nearby chest (Fruit Syrup x3) without touching a floor panel.
  • After that, step on the Red panel on the left to begin your dungeon adventure. From here, we'll simply say which panels to step on. That should be sufficient.
  • Yellow left
  • Red up
  • Get the nearby chest (Rune Metal x6)
  • Southeast to yellow
  • Hit Switch #1 to the right
  • Red up
  • Hit Switch #2 to the right
  • Step on either yellow panel to the north, then the red panel to the northeast
  • Hit Switch #3 to the south
  • Yellow to the north
  • Red right
  • Yellow right
  • Red south
  • Go down, left (IGNORE yellow), to Switch #4 to the left.
  • Yellow right
  • Chest left (Majestic Puncher)
  • Red right
  • Take the LEFT side yellow nearby
  • Red left
  • Hit Switch #5
  • Yellow right
  • Red right
  • Yellow right
  • Red to the far north (take the right-hand path)
  • Step on a yellow, then north red
  • Left yellow
  • South red
  • Down and left to the nearby yellow
  • Left red
  • Hit the last switch
  • You can make your way to the nearby chest on this platform with (Faerie Elixir)

At this point, you've opened the way to the dungeon's boss, but there are three more chests to get. Fast travel to the dungeon entrance and follow these instructions to get the last few chests.

  • Tiara of the Arc - Left door, left red, left yellow, north red, north yellow, right red, DOWN and right yellow, right red
  • Twin Tails - Starting from the entrance: Left door, left red, left yellow, up red, northeast yellow, left red
  • Alpha Clip - Starting from the entrance: Right door, right red, north yellow, south red

That's it!