Star Ocean The Second Story R - Phynal 6F Switch Puzzle Walkthrough

As you make your way through the final dungeon in Star Ocean The Second Story R, you'll bump into a puzzle on the sixth floor that is a little bit tricky if you aren't sure what to do. That's why we wrote this page! Well, actually I wrote this page for myself, mostly because on repeat playthroughs I didn't want to figure out the puzzle again. But I hope it helps you too!

Honestly, if you know the correct path, this puzzle is actually very easy. But it's also easy to get stuck if you just randomly hit buttons. Don't do that, just follow our list below~

Basically, how this puzzle works is that there are four colors in the room that can be either "on" or "off".

  • When a button is "off", the corresponding colored pillar will be lowered and flush with the floor, and doors with that color light will be closed.
  • When a color is "on", that pillar will be raised, and all doors with that same light will be opened. Some doors require two or more lights to be "on" in order to open. The final door requires all colors to be "on". So that's the goal.

The trick comes in that when you turn "on" a color, all other connected colors on that switch will turn "off". So, in a nutshell, you need to hit colors on certain switches in a specific order. If that doesn't make sense, just play around with it a bit and it should become clear. Or, just follow our list below.

Star Ocean 2 - Phynal Switch Puzzle Solution

An important note. We are going to open all the doors first and *then* get all the chests. It's just easier that way.

Starting with all four colors "down" at the entrance. (As in, the four colored pillars are down, flush with the floor.)

  • Turn on Red, go left
  • Blue, go north
  • Red, go right
  • Green, go left, north, right
  • Blue, go right TWICE
  • Yellow, go north
  • Blue, go south, west, north
  • Green, all doors are open now. Don't hit any more buttons.

That's it! Now you can circle the room to collect the chests and move on to the finale of Star Ocean The Second Story R.