Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Infinite Money Trick

Star Ocean 2 features various exploitative mechanics, and we've uncovered a relatively simple method that can provide you with limitless wealth. However, be aware that using this trick may ruin your gaming experience, so approach with caution when you're about to do the following trick.

To initiate item duplication, you'll first need to enhance your "Imitation" skill. Then you will need to make your way to the town of Linga. Once you've reached Linga, acquire the "Magic Camera" from the campus store. This acquisition will grant you access to the "Replication" specialty within the Item Creation menu. The essential material for item duplication is "Magic Film," and these can be obtained at a reasonable cost from the same store.

To maximize your profit, select an item with a resale value of more than 900 FOL and use the Replication process to create duplicates. However, it's important to note that the success rate for replication is relatively low unless you've raised your Imitation skill level. An effective way to boost your Imitation level is to utilize the "Fountain Pen" to write a book called "Death of Originality", which will improve your skill level. Furthermore, if you manage to create a RIRICA camera through the Machinist item creation menu, you will also enhance the success rate for cloning items.

In the early game, you may manage to acquire a "Forged Bill" either through pickpocketing or as a reward for completing a challenge mission related to Replication (30 times). 

Selling a Forged Bill can yield a profit of more than 5000 FOL, provided you can consistently succeed in duplicating them. It's essential to ensure you possess at least one Forged Bill to enable further replication. So, basically, replicate your Forged Bill, and sell it, remembering to keep one for further replication. This method empowers you to generate substantial wealth right from the early stages of the game, and is more than enough to offset the cost of buying more Magic Film. However, be aware that there are more valuable items you can duplicate later in the game for even higher profits, such as the "Forged Document" though obtaining it early in the game is less likely compared to the Forged Bill.