Super Mario RPG - How to unlock the post-game super bosses

New to the Super Mario RPG remake is a series of secret post-game super bosses, but, to gain access to them, a few easy steps are required for you to complete first.

After beating the game and loading up your completed save file, you will receive a “Stay Voucher,” which will let you stay in the suite at the hotel in Marrymore.

Head to the hotel and use it to trigger a cutscene with Geno.

After sleeping at the hotel, Geno will tell you about the lights he saw in Star Hill.

Head to the third area of Star Hill, where you will find a bunch of pink star wishes, with Geno telling you to speak to the Frog Sage (speaking with the Frog Sage isn't mandatory; doing so will point you in the direction of one of the super bosses). 

Once you witness the Star Hill scene, you can now fight stronger versions of the non-Smithy Gang bosses you fought during the main game - all of whom will be located where you last fought them.

The Super Boss fights include:

Scratchy-Throat Belome in Belome’s Temple

Mario-Style Jinx and Jaeger in Monstro Town

Extra-Fancy Bundt in the Marrymore Church

Engine 023 Booster at the top of Booster’s Tower

Leveled-Up Punchinello in the Moleville Mines

Duel-Ready Johnny in the Pirate’s Base of the Sunken Ship

Once you have beaten all of them, one last challenge awaits you in Monstro Town…