Persona 5 Tactica - How to Fuse the Persona Sataneal

While they might have a lesser role in Persona 5 Tactica, nevertheless for the harder difficulties it may be useful for players to have especially powerful Personas on their side, if they intend to challenge the game at its harshest. However, actually unlocking Sataneal is more than just the process of fusing the Personas necessary to eventually summon him. Thankfully, we've gone through the process of figuring things out.

Unlocking the Ability to Summon Sataneal

Let alone the level requirement neccessary to equip Sataneal, players will first have to complete a series of objectives to even be afforded the opportunity to summon him. Throughout the game, players will ocassionally be tasked with Quests - side challenges that have nothing to do with the main scenario. By completing all 15 of the basegame's Quests, players will unlock the ability to summon Sataneal, shortly before the final boss fight of the game. These quests are, in order:

  • Quietly Storming the Castle
  • Stealing Classified Info
  • Decompressing
  • Once More, With Feeling!
  • Operation BOOM
  • Yusuke in Freefall
  • The Mysterious Box
  • The Rightful Prince
  • Recovering a Lost Treasure
  • A Balancing Axe
  • Toshiro's Embarrassing Secret
  • Learning From a Pro
  • Lavenza's First Trial
  • Lavenza's Second Trial
  • Lavenza's Third Trial

Some of these quests will truly challenge your understanding of the game's mechanics, particularly those which ask you to complete their objectives within a single turn. Addiionally, Lavenza's Trials are also necessary to unlocking the final skill on each playable character's skill tree.

Summoning Sataneal

First things first; you will be unable to summon Sataneal until you've reached Phantom Thieves Level 96, and chances are - unless you heavily grind, you won't be reaching those heights until New Game+, or perhaps if you bought the DLC for Akechi and Kasumi, and completed their content. In addition to this hefty level requirement, players will also have to register Anzu, Ishtar, Michael, Satan and Lucifer in their Persona compendium. Only once all 5 Personas are registered and players have reached the required level can Sataneal be summoned via Special Fusion.