Where to find the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is generally a rather straightforward game, one objective during the Path of Legends can be rather confusing to deal with; figuring out where to find the Tatsugiri that's the right Pokemon to face in Casseroya Lake. Thankfully, there's a simple enough solution to the problem - and here's how to figure it out.

Where to find the False Dragon Titan Tatsugiri

First things first; you'll want to look for a Curly Form Tatsugiri ontop of an island in the middle of the lake - you'll know when you've found the right one when its cries sound like it's saying "Titan" - if the Tatsugiri is the Salmon Orange Curly form and is calling out "Taitan!" then you'll know you've found your Pokemon. Once you've discovered it, shortly a Dodonzo will emerge from the water, swallow the Tatsugiri, and you'll be off to the first phase of the fight.

Being a relatively powerful Titan Pokemon, you'll want your party to be around level 50 for this encounter. You'll have to fight both Dodonzo and eventually Tatsugiri; so having both Grass Types, Electric Types and Fairy types in your party will help make things go more smoothly. After fighting the Dodonzo twice, with a chase in-between, you'll finally go face-to-face with the Titan Pokemon Tatsugiri.

For most players, this will be the last Titan Pokemon that they'll face in Path of Legends. Best of luck with the battle, and enjoy the rest of the game!