Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Archaludon: How to evolve Duraludon to Archaludon

One of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's latest DLCs selling points are some new and returning evolutions of Pokemon; including Archaludon, a new evolution for Duraludon. But how do you get your hands on it's new evolution? Thankfully, it won't take much time in the DLC to find an Archaludon of your own.

How to catch and evolve an Archaludon

First things first; you'll of course need a Duraludon first before you can even entertain an Archaludon. Thankfully, it's a fairly common spawn in the Polar Biome of Blueberry Academy, in the sections listed above. That's the easy part, next you'll need to:

  • Unlock Quests - or BBQs - by completing the first story mission of The Indigo Disk by catching an Alolan Regional Form of any Pokemon and presenting it in the Outdoor Classroom of the Coastal Biome. The easiest Pokemon would be an Alolan Grimer, Muk or Exeggutor - all of which can also be found in the Coastal Biome, nearby.
  • Once you've delivered your Pokemon, you'll unlock BBQs - allowing you to start accumulating BP by completing Quests.
  • Once you have 300 BP you can trade them for a Metal Alloy at the School Store - accessible from the entrance of Blueberry Academy.
  • This item acts as an evolution stone for Duraludon, and is what you'll need to get your own Archaludon.
  • Simply add your Duraludon into your party and select the Metal Alloy from your bag to evolve it.

That's it! Some of The Indigo Disk's other new Pokemon are a little trickier to catch, so Archaludon is an easy Pokemon to add to your team early on. Congrats on your new Archaludon!