Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Galarian Slowpoke: How to catch and evolve Galarian Slowpoke

Galarian Slowpoke, which made its debut in the games prior to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, makes its return in The Indigo Disk - and its remarkably easy to evolve and catch your own Galarian Slowbro and Galarian Slowking. As in their previous incarnation, you'll need to collect Galarica Twigs to craft either a Galarica Cuff or Galarica Wreath to evolve a Galarian Slowbro or Galarian Slowking respectively. So, where do you find Galarian Slowpoke, Galarica Twigs, and the NPC who crafts the evolution items for it? Thankfully, it's a farily simple task.

Where to find Galarian Slowpoke and Galarica Twigs

Here's the best news about catching Galarian Slowpoke, and evolving it - everything you need is all wrapped up in one convenient place. Take a look at the pictures embedded below and all will be revealed:

Galarian Slowpoke Location

The beach directly north of the Coastal Biome's Plaza is absolutely filled with Galarian Slowpoke. Furthermore, shiny pickups on this beach have an incredibly high chance of being a Galarica Twig. So if you want to evolve a Galarian Slowpoke, make sure to pickup at least 23 Galarica Twigs and catch two Slowpoke. Then simply return to the Plaza and talk to a specific NPC to exchange your twigs for Galarica Wreaths and Galarica Cuffs.

Galarica Twig Exchange NPC

Once you've found the NPC, you'll need at least 8 Galarica Twigs for a Galarica Cuff, and 15 for a Galarica Wreath. Exchange your twigs for either you'd like to use, and then add your Galarian Slowpoke to your party, select your proper evolution item, and enjoy your new Pokemon! Congrats, and best of luck on the rest of your Pokemon hunt.