Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Whimsicott: Where to find Cottonee and evolve into Whimsicott

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's latest DLC taking place in Unova, it makes sense that many Pokemon originating from that generation have made a return in The Indigo Disk - one of which being Cottonee, and its evolution Whimsicott. This Grass/Fairy type is an adorable addition to your team. But where can you catch one, and how exactly do you evolve it? Thankfully, the answer is easier than it might first appear. 

Where to find and catch Cottonee

As always, you'll want to catch a Cottonee before you can evolve it into a Whimsicott. You can ocasionally find wild Whimsicott in many of the same areas that Cottonee spawn - with a lower spawn rate, of course - but especially if you're looking to evolve one on your own, you can find Cottonee spawning in the Coastal Biome at the below highlighted locations.

Once you've caught your Cottonee, you'll need to consider its evolution method. You'll need an evolution item; specifically, a Sun Stone. These can either be picked up randomly off the ground - you'll likely have found one while normally playing the game - or you can exchange BP for one at the Academy's Store. Once you've found a Sun Stone, simply add your Cottonee to your party, then go into your bag and select the Sun Stone. You'll be able to select your Cottonee to evolve it. After the evolution cutscene you'll be face to face with your brand-new Whimsicott.

Cottonee Evolution

As a dual Grass/Fairy type, Whimsicott might be a useful Pokemon for the Dragon Elite Four battle; it might also be useful for catching the postgame legendary encounters, thanks to its natural ability to learn Stun Spore. If your Whimsicott has the ability Prankster, you'll even get priority when attempting to use the move. No matter what you're planning to use it for, however; have fun with your new friend!