Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Torchic: Where to find and how to catch Torchic

One of the headlining features of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk is the ability to catch every previous starter Pokemon in the wild, with a little elbow grease at first and some knowledge of where each Pokemon spawns. However, one of the returning starters is especially difficult to pinpoint where you'll be able to find it, even when the necessary preperations have been made. Here's how and where to spawn Torchic.

How to spawn Torchic

Like every other starter Pokemon in Indigo Disk, players will have to gather a ton of BP by completing BBQs in the Terarium. Once you've gathered at least 3000, you can spend them in the League Club Room - unlocked while the player progresses through the story - to allow for starter Pokemon to spawn in a biome of your choosing. For Torchic, players will want to upgrade the Polar Biome. The game forces you to use the League Club Room's PC as a tutorial, so it's impossible to miss where to spend your BP as you progress through the DLC story.

Upgrading the Polar Biome is only half the problem, however. While the other starter Pokemon that will spawn after you upgrade the biome are fairly common, Torchic is an exception - as you can see from the above habitat listing on its Pokedex entry. So, where exactly can you catch one of your own?

Where to catch Torchic

Torchic Spawn Location

As per the habitat listing on Torchic's Pokedex entry, Torchic will only spawn in a very specific section of the Polar Biome, once it has been upgraded. The small cave overlooking the Battle Court where you face Drayton is the only location where you have a chance of finding Torchic; you'll know it's the right one if a Tera Metang is also in the cave. Even if a Torchic isn't currently spawned; knock out the other non-Tera Pokemon in the cave, leave. and given enough attempts you'll find your Torchic.

Once you've found one - congrats on your new Hoehn Starter! It's pretty wild to see a Torchic with such a high level from the wild, but it won't take much to evolve it into a Blaziken. Best of luck if you're hoping to catch a shiny, too; since it only spawns in the one cave, it might be easier or harder to get one to spawn, depending on both your luck and prep.