Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Wait for Me guide - Lau Lau, Kalua Pig, and the Restaurant Owner Name

Just like any Like a Dragon or Yakuza title, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is full of side quests that range from wacky hijinks to heartfelt moments. Early on in Chapter 3, Ichiban will get the opportunity to work at a restaurant in Honolulu's Little Japan. Called 'Wait For Me' this is substory 11, and it's slightly more involved than most - involving a bunch of decisions including greetings, Lau Lau, Kalua Pig, and even remembering the Restaurant Owner's Name. Luckily, this guide is here to help you with all of that. 

Side quests in Infinite Wealth are known as Substories, as is Yakuza series tradition - and though many aren't quite as complicated as this quest, if you want help with every single side quest in the game, be sure to check in on our page which has walkthroughs for all substories in Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: Substory 11 - Wait For Me guide

As for Substory 11, aka 'Wait For Me' - well, that page features this quest too, but we wanted to go into more detail here on a separate page - with a list of all correct options to pick in order to get the maximum reward for moonlighting as a waiter in between Ichban's Sujimon battles.

The Wait For Me side quest has you face some challenging questions while moonlighting in a restaurant - but this guide will help you through it all - from Lau Lau to the Kalua Pig, Owner Name, and beyond.

Greeting the Customers

The first task that Ichiban will have to carry out is deciding how best to greet the first round of guests that show up at the restaurant. You'll have to raise or lower Ichiban's level of excitement depending on the disposition of the guest.

  • For the first customer, select Friendly Greeting. You'll earn Passion +20.
  • For the second customer, tone it down and select Refined Greeting.  You'll earn Style + 20.
  • For the last customer, go back to selecting Friendly Greeting. Again, you'll earn Passion +20.

Remembering the Orders

Just like in other video games, you'll be tasked to remember what each customer ordered for the next sequence of events. Luckily, you'll get to pick from a list, so even if you don't remember exactly, you can pick the option that most closely matches what you think the order was. Or you can reference this list here.

  • For the first customer, select One ahi poke and three haupias
  • For the second customer, select Mahi mahi.
  • For the last customer, you'll need to pick Acai bowl and lau lau

Selecting the Correct Dish - Lau Lau and Kalua Pig

The next task you'll need to conduct is use some logic and some memory of the menu to select the correct dish by appearance only. There are only two options to select here.

  • For the first option, the Lau Lau is The left dish
  • For the second choice, you'll need to point out the Kalua Pig. This selection is really an exercise in process of elimination, as it's not an option on the regular menu. make sure to select The center dish on a different type of plate.

The Restaurant Owner's Name

Once you think you're in the clear, you'll be given one last surprise option, if you remember the owner's name. Select Obispo.

For performing well at the job, Ichiban will earn the Employee Meal and The Epicurean’s Epithet items (and remember, items carry over to New Game Plus) and $300.00 - the maximum money earning you can get from this side quest. You'll also be able to regularly come back for additional employee meals when you stop by the restaurant later.