Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Substories guide: Walkthroughs for every Substory

Just like most games in the series, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth  has a plethora of side-content to undertake, including a number of Substories - which, if you're a newcomer, is the traditional Like a Dragon or Yakuza series name for side quests. As per usual, the full substories list for Infinite Wealth features tales that range from wild and wacky to genuinely heartfelt. The purpose of this substories guide is basically here to help you to start and complete all substories, to make sure you see every storyline, get every reward, and don't miss anything.

Given these are Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth's side quests, you can expect substories to contain everything that you'd typically expect from a side quest. You can expect a substory to tell a small vingette story, enhance your knowledge of the primary characters or the world, introduce new mini-games, or offer sweet rewards like gears, some of the best weapons, and increases to vital stats such as your Personality Traits and character level. 

It should be noted that Substory completion does not carry over to New Game Plus - but money earned does, and Substories can be a great way to earn some money. So it might be worth completing as many substories as you can before hopping into a new story run.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Substories List: How to Start and Complete all Substories

Below is a list of every substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth; you can click the name of any given substory to be taken to a full walkthrough explaining how to start and complete each substory, including the rewards you'll get for doing so.

  1. Radio Active
  2. Sujimon, Generation II
  3. Crazy Money
  4. Busted!
  5. Welcome To Hawaii, MFer!
  6. Surfin' The Streets
  7. Miss Match
  8. Snap Those Sickos!
  9. A Love As Sweet As Lemons
  10. Coming Out Of Her Shell
  11. Wait For Me
  12. Saved By Kindness
  13. Rock And Roil
  14. Neck-Deep In Love
  15. Samurai, May We Walk Together?
  16. Beach Guardian: Water, Water, Everywhere
  17. Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around
  18. Beach Guardian: Heroes Of The Sand
  19. Home To Roost
  20. A Better Bat
  21. Playing With Fire
  22. Rise And Grind
  23. The More, The Plumeria
  24. Let It Snow
  25. Embrace Your Wild Side
  26. Anaconda Escape
  27. The Pursuit Of Realism
  28. An Authentic Blockbuster
  29. Litterbugged
  30. Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind
  31. Let's Get Alo-Happy
  32. Tropical Photo Rally
  33. The Island At Rock Bottom
  34. Legend Of The Labyrinth
  35. Love And Punishment
  36. Relics From The Past
  37. Choosing Your Starter
  38. The CEO Of Suji
  39. The Queen's Subilee
  40. A True Gym Battle
  41. Sodachi's Revenge
  42. Atop The Plateau
  43. A Man Named Asakura
  44. A Changed Man
  45. The Final Showdown For Real
  46. A Man Facing The Future
  47. Certifiable Lover
  48. The Ultimate Alo-Happy Activity!
  49. She Never Misses
  50. Together, Forever...
  51. Experimental Procedures
  52. Surviving Paradise

Infinite Wealth Substory Walkthroughs

Substory 1 - Radio Active

  • You'll undertake this Substory automatically late in Chapter 1.
  • This is a basic automatic Substory where you'll have to fight some Pick-Up Artists. Upon completion of of story events, Radio host Unai will the Playlists app on Ichiban's smartphone.

Substory 2 - Sujimon, Generation 2

  • Occurs automatically in Chapter 2.
  • This substory involves the re-introduction of the Sujimon Sensei. After witnessing the story events, you'll unlock the Sujidex.

Substory 3 - Crazy Money

  • This story will occur automatically in Chapter 3.
  • This substory serves as an introduction to the Crazy Delivery minigame, available from Charlie near Aloha Beach in Honolulu.
  • Upon completion of the story events, Charlie will become a summon-able Poundmates.

Substory 4 - Busted!

  • This story will occur automatically in Chapter 3
  • This is a short substory that will have Ichiban meet Chitose, the Poundmate that is. Naturally, this will unlock the Poundmates smartphone app.

Substory 5 - Welcome to Hawaii, MFer!

  • This story will occur automatically in Chapter 3.
  • This automatic substory serves as the introduction to the Aloha Links side content, where Ichiban can become pals with 200 NPCs in Honolulu.
  • Note that you'll want to answer Aloha! for a bonus to Charisma.

Substory 6 - Surfin’ the Streets!

  • You can start this sub-event in Chapter 3, in Honolulu's West Waikiki.
  • This is a very straightforward Ssbstory that will see Ichiban unlock the Street Surfer in order to get around town more quickly.
  • If you return to Oka later in Little Japan, south of the ABC Store, he'll be able to join as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 7 - Miss Match

  • You can start this sub-event in Chapter 3, in Honolulu's West Waikiki
  • This substory serves as the introduction to the Miss Match minigame and phone app. As part of the substory, you'll even get to have one free use of the app.

Substory 8 - Snap Those Sickos!

  • In Honolulu as early as Chapter 3, you'll need to ride the trolley at Aloha Beach.
  • This substory serves as an introduction to the Sicko Snap minigame. You'll get a free go at the Sicko Snap (Easy) course.
    • You'll earn a Rejuvenation Bolus upon completion of the events.

Substory 9 - A Love as Sweet as Lemons

  • This substory is a multiple-part event starting in Chapter 3, over in Little Japan. Most of the events of this substory involve helping Tony out with his lemonade stand, handing out drinks to anyone who appears thirsty. Between steps, you may have to do a battle or two in order to progress the substory.
    • You'll start out by having to hand out four samples within two minutes.  If successful, you'll earn a Hawaiian Pizza consumable. 
    • Next, Tony will require Ichiban to hand out six samples within two minutes. If successful, you'll earn a Hand-Mixed Fruit Cup consumable.
    • Finally, the ante will be upped to hand out eight samples within two minutes. This will reward Ichiban with Passion +20.
  • Past this point, you'll have to follow the icon over across Honolulu a couple of times to follow up with Tony and his teacher, as he gives her the Tiara as a gift.

Substory 10 - Coming out of Her Shell

  • This event is available during Chapter 3 at Aloha Beach, once you've recruited Tomizawa.
    • When having to yeet Nancy to the troublemakers, select Normal Throw for a Intellect +20 bonus
  • During the Personality Chance, you can select any of the available options, depending on which Personality Bonus you want to earn.
    • I’ll beg if I have to. (Passion +30)
    • Let me buy it, then. (Intellect +30)
    • What do you know about rock bottom? (Kindness +30)
  • Upon completion of the fight and events, Nancy & Olivia will join Poundmates as an available summon.

Substory 11 - Wait for Me

  • This substory will be available in Chapter 3, in the northwest part of Little Japan.
  • This substory is a little bit involved, so we have a separate page explaining the choices in this quest around things like Lau Lau, Kalua Pig, and the Restaurant Owner name. Following that will help you to maximize your rewards.
  • Upon completion, you'll earn an Employee Meal, The Epicurean’s Epithet, and $300.00

Substory 12 - Saved by Kindness

  • Similar to substory 9, this is another multi-part substory available in Chapter 3 in East Waikiki.
  • You'll run into Sawai, who ends up running into a hula girl. You'll have to return back between events to proceed with the story.
  • When given the option during the cutscenes, select The lei girl? for a Kindness +20 bonus.
  • When you come back again, the choice between telling the truth or not does not matter.
  • Finally, you'll be asked to complete a basic fight encounter. 
  • Upon completion of the event, you'll earn a Happy Lei accessory. Plus you be able to talk to Sawai in East Waikiki to add him as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 13 - Rock and Roll

  • This event is available during Chapter 3, starting at Aloha Beach, once you've recruited Tomizawa.
  • This is a silly event where you'll run into Kazami on Aloha Beach. You'll need to follow up with the event over in South Waikiki to progress the substory.
  • When returning to the beach, select Ask the spirits for a storm! for a Passion +20 bonus.
  • Here, you'll have to do a silly minigame in order to summon the wind with Kazami. 
  • Earn a Def Boom Box accessory and Kazami Evolution will join as a summonable Poundmate.

Substory 14 - Neck-Deep in Love

  • Another substory available in Chapter 3 around Aloha Beach.
  • This involves helping out a young couple in a little bit of a strange way.
  • When given the option, select Tanabe-kun for an Intellect +20 bonus
  • You'll have to use the clues to pick out the correct head from the people buried in the sand. It's pretty straightforward, but the correct head has short hair and glasses to help narrow it down.
  • Upon completion of the event, you'll earn a Courage Pendant accessory. Tanabe can also be found on western Aloha Beach to join as a guest to Dondoko island.


Substory 15 - Samurai, May We Walk Together?

  • Another substory available in Chapter 3 around Aloha Beach, once Tomizawa is in the party.
  • In this event, you'll basically meet a bunch of Japanese-obsessed weebs, lead by Nathan. You'll obviously want to impress him by selecting the obvious option in each case, right?
    • Select Rice and millet? for a Confidence +20 bonus
    • Select …The hat for a Kindness +20 bonus
    • Of course, the Shuriken choice doesn't matter
  • Once you've impressed him or not, Nathan joins up as an available Poundmate. Plus Nathan can join as a guest to Dondoko Island if you speak to him in Shinobi Sushi.

Substory 16 - Beach Guardian: Water, Water Everywhere

  • This one is also available in Chapter 3. You'll need to swim a little bit off the coast of Aloha Beach
  • Part of a series of events where you'll help out Raymond, the lifeguard. For the first task, you'll have to hand out 10 water bottles within 3 minutes. It's a bit easier than the lemonade stand version of the event.
  • Upon completion, you'll earn a Resurrection Bolus

Substory 17 - Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around

  • Requires completion of the Substory 16: Beach Guardian: Water, Water Everywhere
  • This event has you needing to find two missing children on Aloha Beach, based on a basic description.
    • Emmy has a red swimsuit, straw hat, and blue ribbon.
    • Billy has a white swimsuit and orange hat.
  • Upon completion, you'll earn a Heartful Golem consumable item.

Substory 18 - Beach Guardian: Heroes of the Sand

  • Requires completion of Substory 17: Beach Guardian: No Kidding Around
  • This event is very straightforward, you'll have to do the usual Yakuza chase event where you'll have to run down the thief.
  • After completing the fight, you'll complete the substory and earn Infrared Goggles. Raymond can also be recruited as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 19 - Home to Roost

  • Another substory available in Chapter 3 around Aloha Beach, once Tomizawa is in the party. Interact with the chair.
  • You'll meet the bird Joseph. This subevent requires a short minigame to get to the ABC store while minimizing collisions with people an obstacles. 
  • Not a long substory. Afterward, Joseph can be found on the outdoor balcony of Revolve's second floor.

Substory 20 - A Better Bat

  • This is an automatic substory that will complete in Chapter 4.
  • This substory serves as an introduction to Julie's Gearworks and weapon crafting/upgrading. You'll craft the Hero's Bat.

Substory 21 - Playing With Fire

  • This substory can be started in Chapter 4, over on Honolulu's west side in the Cultural District,
  • This will introduce the Ounabara Vocational School, where Ichiban can take tests in order to improve his Personality Traits. 
  • We have a guide for all available vocational school exam questions and answers, for those wanting an easy boost to all of Ichiban's traits.

Substory 22 - Rise and Grind

  • Available in Chapter 4, in the Anaconda area.
  • The substory has multiple stages. The quest will start out with an initial fight, then you'll have to wait for next step.
  • After another fight, you should choose Sorata for an Intellect +20.
  • Upon completion, Mameoka will join Poundmates, and you'll be able to dine at Cafe Soramame.

Substory 23 - The More, The Plumeria

  • This is available in Chapter 4, over at West Waikiki.
  • This is a straightforward sub-event, just follow the story events at each step.
  • During the events, you'll get one choice that affects Ichiban's personality:
    • Adults are just sexier. (Style +30)
    • No, younger girls are great. (Confidence +30)
    • Age isn’t everything. (Kindness +30)
  • Upon completion, you'll earn a Pareo of Happiness accessory

Substory 24 - Let It Snow

  • Chapter 4: West Waikiki
  • This event will require multiple stages, interacting with the event marker over at Anaconda, and then back over at Waikiki. During the events, you'll be reintroduced to Patriarch Gondawara.
  • After the events, you'll unlock Patriarch Gondawara for Poundmates. You'll also be able to find him on Aloha Beach later to join as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 25 - Embrace Your Wild Side

  • This event starts in Chapter 4 on Anaconda's second floor. You'll encounter the artist Matt Tropico,
  • You'll need to follow the event marker multiple times for multiple scenes and a couple of fights. 
  • At the end of all of the events, you'll earn a unique Signed Golem T-Shirt.
  • Matt can be found again on Anaconda's second floor to join as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 26 - Anaconda Escape

  • This event starts in Chapter 4 on Anaconda's second floor. The event primarily involves a tag-like minigame played in the hallways of the mall.
  • You'll have a limited amount of time to reach the end of the course, while avoiding battles that result in time penalties. You'll also have some chances to complete mini-tasks to earn extra points for the game show.
    • Treasure Select Pawn is located on the 2nd floor of the Anaconda Shopping Center: True
    • What kind of establishment is Thorstone?: A Hat Shop
    • Open the red container on the south side of the room with the code earned from the second quiz (8931) for a Divine Water plus another point.
    • In the next hallway, pick up the blue key marked on the map. This can be used to open the blue container on the south side of the next room for an Ahi Poke Bowl.
  • Upon completion, you'll earn Silver Plate and either a Smoke Bomb. If manage to earn all availalbe objectives, you'll earn a 2nd Silver Plate and a Safe Key. 

Substory 27 - The Pursuit of Realism

  • Beings in Chapter 4 in the Anaconda area, outside the mall.
  • This substory involves a sort of stuntman minigame, where Ichiban will have to avoid oncoming traffic for a film.
  • If you succeed at the mini-game, you'll  earn a Kaiser’s Change Holder accessory
  • The director Bony Kashiwa will join Poundmates upon completion.

Substory 28 - An Authentic Blockbuster

  • Requires completion of Substory 27: The Pursuit of Realism
  • First off, if you remember the director's name, Bony Kashiwa, you'll get an Intellect +20 bonus
  • This will be another version of the same traffic minigame from the previous sub-event.
  • If successful, you'll win a Modified Rocket Launcher battle consumable.

Substory 29 - Litterbugged

  • Can be started in Chapter 4, near Anaconda
  • To start out, you'll need to invest $3,000 with Professor Okita. This can be a decently large amount of money in the early game, but we have some tips if you need to earn some cash.
  • Upon making the donation, you'll need to leave and return to the harbor once some time has passed.
  • You'll then have a small minigame to "teach" Sojimaru which items are and are not trash:
    • Trash
    • Trash
    • Not Trash
    • Trash
    • Not Trash
    • Not Trash
    • Not Trash
    • Trash
    • Trash
    • Not Trash
  • Once you come back, you'll have to fight Sojimaru v2.1. This can be a tricky fight if taken on too early, and you may have to come back with a fuller/stronger party.

30 - Close Encounters of the Bird Kind?

  • Available in Chapter 5: West Waikiki, requires completion of Substory 29: Litterbugged
  • You'll hear a rumor about a UFO running amok. Turns out, its Sojimaru.
  • You'll earn Passion +20 for aiming the RPG properly.
  • As before, you'll have to fight the machine, this time as Sojimaru Flying Beta Max
  • Upon victory, you'll earn Ancient Coin and Hibiscus Hair Band, plus Sojimaru Flying Beta Max will join Poundmates.
  • Speaking to Professor Okita afterwards will have him join as a guest to Dondoko Island.

31 - Let’s Get Alo-Happy

  • Unlocks automatically during Chapter 5.
  • This is a required, very basic substory that unlocks Alo-Happy Tours. Aka, the ability to change jobs.
  • We have a full guide discussion the best jobs for each character.

32 - Tropical Photo Rally

  • Unlocks automatically after Substory 31: Let's Get Alo-Happy 
  • This substory unlocks the Photo Rally minigame and smartphone app. We have a full guide for all photo rally locations and rewards.

33 - The Island at Rock Bottom

  • Occurs automatically in Chapter 6.
  • This substory serves as the introduction to all Dondoko Island events in the game. The substory itself will only scratch the surface of all the available tasks and outcomes for Dondoko Island.
  • After a small introduction, you'll unlock travel to and from Dondoko Island and the Dondoko Island sub-menu.

34 - Legend of the Labyrinth

  • This substory progresses automatically in Chapter 5.
  • Introduces the Hawaiian Haunt dungeon, and the concept of dungeons in general. The substory only requires progress through the third floor of the dungeon.
  • After completion, you'll be able to return to Robo Michio to progress past the sectors of the dungeon and earn unique rewards.

35 - Love and Punishment

  • Can be found in Chapter 6, over in Honolulu's Cultural District.
  • The first choice will have an effect on Ichiban's Personality:
    • You Need Company (Passion +30)
    • You’re a cute little kitty… (Style +30)
    • I barely know you. (Charisma +30)
  • The follow-up choices do not matter, Ichiban will be knocked out regardless.
  • Eventually, you'll have to wait a bit in order to catch up with Miriam to progress the ques. We were able to follow up in chapter 7 for a fight and to close things out.

36 - Relics from the Past

  • Available upon returning to Honolulu in Chapter 9, on Aloha Beach.
  • This will be a bit of a flashback for those who played Yakuza: Like a Dragon. You'll have to fight the excavators Lam-chan & Lum-chan in an optional boss fight.
  • Upon victory, you'll earn the Gorgeous Rubber Gloves accessory. 

37 - Choosing Your Starter

  • Occurs automatically in Chapter 4.
  • This is the required, base-level introduction of the Sujimon League. You'll unlock the Sujimon Dossier, as well as the Sujimon League sub-menu, plus Suji Spots, Raid Battles, Sujimon Gacha, and Sujimon Trainers appearing on the map.
  • The easiest way to raise rank is to defeat Rookie level Sujimon trainers on the map.

Substory 38 - The CEO of Suji

  • Available upon reaching Sujimon Rank 10.
  • You'll have to defeat Jack in a Sujimon Battle over in his hotel in West Waikiki.
    • Hotel Badge
    • Japanese Master Ticket
    • Sujimunch x50
    • $50.00
  • After winning, this will unlock access to the Sujimon Stadium and the Sujimancer job for Ichiban.
    • Note that after defeating Jack, you can talk to the Agent outside hotel for +10 Committee Agents for Awakening.

Substory 39 - The Queen’s Subilee

  • Available upon reaching Sujimon Rank 20.
  • Goal is to defeat Queen in a Sujimon Battle over at the far west end of Aloha Beach.
    • Resort Badge
    • Japanese Master Ticket
    • Super Sujimunch x50
    • $100.00
  • Note: Again, you can talk to the Agent outside the resort for +10 Committee Agents for Awakening.

Substory 40 - A True Gym Battle

  • Available upon reaching Sujimon Rank 30.
  • Goal is to defeat Ace in a Sujimon Battle over at the dojo in Little Japan.
    • Dojo Badge
    • Japanese Master Ticket
    • Hyper Sujimunch x50
    • $500.00
  • Note that the start Sujimon Kuraki and Yokawa will become unavailable.,
  • Note: Again, you can talk to the Agent outside the dojo for +10 Committee Agents for Awakening.

Substory 41 - Sodachi’s Revenge

  • This seemed to work slightly differently than the others. You'll receive a note and actually start the substory early, some time after defeating Ace. You'll then be tasked to challenge Joker upon reaching Sujimon Rank 40.
    • Sodachi becomes unavailable. He rejoin as Super Sodachi.
  • This will be a marathon match, where you'll have to win three consecutively before fighting Joker..
  • Joker
    • Underground Badge
    • Japanese Master Ticket
    • Extreme Sujimunch x50
    • $1000.00
  • Note that Super Sodachi reverts to regular Sodachi, but can evolve into Super Sodachi once he has max awakening.
  • Ater winning the match, you'll have to win a regular battle against some goons.
  • Note: Again, you can talk to the Agent outside the warehouse for +10 Committee Agents for Awakening.

Substory 42 - Atop the Plateau

  • After reaching Sujimon Rank 50, go to the counter at the Sujimon Stadium to challenge King
  • Defeating King is only slightly more challenging than any regular Platinum-level trainer.
    • Stadium Badge
    • $1,000.00
  • Earn Suji League Trophy
  • Important: After defeating King, you'll have to win a regular fight against Level ~30 enemies. Depending on how early you progressed in the Sujimon League, you may end up way under-leveled and have to come back once you are strong enough.
  • Afterward, you'll earn the Dragon Soul Bat -- an excellent weapon for Ichiban. Plus Yasuo Sodachi is added as guest of Dondoko Island.

Substory 43 - A Man Named Asakura

  • Starts a series of substories involving Asakura. Starts in Chapter 4 over in West Waikiki
  • Win the fight to earn the Merciless Melee skill for Ichiban, a very useful ability that can lower both attack and defense.

Substory 44 - A Changed Man

  • Requires completion of Substory 43: A Man Named Asakura. You'll have to go over to Shipper's Wharf in the far southwest of Honolulu.
  • For this fight, you'll be required to fight a level 26 miniboss, so may require some leveling before you can complete it.
  • After winning, you'll learn the Heart of a Champion skill for Ichiban.

Substory 45 - The Final Showdown For Real

  • Requires completion of Substory 44: A Changed Man
  • Very similar to the above, only now you'll be tasked to defeat a level 31 miniboss.
  • After winning, you'll learn the Knockout Combo skill for Ichiban.

Substory 46 - A Man Facing the Future

  • Requires completion of Substory 45: A Man Facing the Future
  • This substory has you teaming up with Asakura against a group of enemies. Asakura is very strong, but this still requires winning against enemies around level 43, so you may not be able to clear the fight until the later chapters of the game.
  • For winning, you'll earn Brawler God’s Mouthguard. Plus, Asakura joins Poundmates and can be found on Aloha Beach to be invited as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 47 - Certifiable Lover

  • This is the first of a series of Substories that really is more of a completion cutscene for side-content in the game.
  • To unlock this scene and substory, you'll need to pass all of the Vocational Exams, and give Laura three gifts.

Substory 48 - The Ultimate Alo-Happy Activity!

  • This substory serves as a completion reward for unlocking all of the available jobs at Alo-Happy.
  • To unlock, give all the possible gifts to Elizabeth at Alo-Happy and unlock all the available jobs.
  • This will also unlock Elizabeth and Alo-Happy as Dondoko Island guests.

Substory 49 - She Never Misses

  • This substory is effectively a completion reward for completing all of the dates in the Miss Match app.
  • To unlock, clear all Miss Match dates and give Machiko all her gifts over at Cream & Berry.
  • Machiko can be recruited as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 50 - Together, Forever…

  • This is a tricky one to unlock. This is a completion reward for using Poundmates.
  • This can be a tricky one to unlock. First, you have to use Poundmates a certain number of times. Eventually, Chitose (the Poundmate) calls you from Oahu Burger.
  • Chitose will initially reward you with an accessory, plus you'll be able to give her gifts.
  • Keep using Poundmates and eventually, Chitose will text Ichiban again, and heading back to Oahu Burger will trigger this substory cutscene.
  • Chitose will then also be recruitable as a guest to Dondoko Island.

Substory 51 - Experimental Procedures

  • This is a reward for completing tasks over at Julie's Gearworks.
  • Can be unlocked as early as Chapter 6. Simply max out all possible investments at Julie's, plus give her all possible gifts she asks for.
  • As a reward, this will permanently increase Ichiban’s agility. Also Julie can be recruited as a Dondoko Island guest.

Substory 52 - Surviving Paradise

  • Requires the completion of Substories 47 through 51. 
  • This final Substory is a simple hijinks cutscene. For a reward, you'll get a permanent increase to Ichiban's defense.