Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Money Farm Tips: Best Money Making methods

All of us know that holidays are expensive, and that's even true for the stars of video games. In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Ichiban and crew will often need cash in order to purchase new gear or buy gifts to increase their Bond level. Forget the fact that the previous game had a minigame and storyline that saw protagonist Ichiban become a self-made millionaire - he's back to nothing, and that means his adventure needs to be funded. Luckily for you, this guide is here to assist with a range of the best ways to farm money in order to earn lots and speed up your money making

Earning money is genuinely important in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as you'll need access to a decent cashflow in order to do things like unlock new job classes, take vocational school tests, pay off Honk-Honk NPCs, and afford the best weapons and gear. If you're planning to play the game twice, cash carries over to New Game Plus  - so stockpile as much dollar as you want.

Infinite Wealth is absolutely jam packed with activities to undertake, and that means you've actually got a lot of options for making money - but not all methods of earning are made equal, which is what this guide is here to help you with.

Where to grab the Lucky Money Charm to Maximize Money Making

In classic RPG fashion, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth features one particularly special accessory that's absolutely vital for the most efficent money earning: the Lucky Money Charm.

To help bolster your dungeon gains, players should generally interact with the Shrine mascot over in Honolulu's Little Japan. Players will be tasked to find and return Fortunes around town in exchange for unique and powerful accessories from the trade-in shop.

One of the early accessories to get is the Lucky Money Charm, which increases gold earned from battle by about 15%. It's a good idea to just set this and forget it on one of the protagonists to see the increased cash just simply from playing the game and defeating enemies.

Defeat Sujimon Trainers

Starting with Substory 37: Choosing Your Starter, Ichiband will be able to begin training in the Sujimon League, starting in Chapter 4. Part of this includes battling other Sujimon Trainers, ranking up from Rookie through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Ranks. You can also spar against random opponents at Suji Spots around town.

While Sujimon battling won't earn you a lot of cash right away, it won't take too long to eventually have a Sujimon team that is eventually capable of handling Platinum-level trainers. Each victory against a Platinum trainer will earn Ichiban a cool $1,000. In the early game this can go quite a long way - and sujimon battles can be completed in a matter of minutes. This won't be useful all the way through your playthrough, but this is nevertheless one of the better early-game ways of money making.

Improve Dondoko Island

Early on in Chapter 6, Ichiban will gain access to Dondoko Island, easily the most elaborate side content in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Similar to the Business Management minigame in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, successfully rebuilding the Resort on Dondoko Island can be a nice way to earn some passive income for Ichiban.

There are two primary ways to earn money from Dondoko Island. The first will be by inviting and entertaining the various Guests that can visit the island for vacation. Upon the completion of each group's stay on Dondoko, the amount of Dokobucks earned will automatically be converted to regular cash.

The second way in which Ichiban can earn cash from Dondoko is to perform the conversion himself. Upon leaving the island using the dolphin, Ichiban can choose to convert a portion of his remaining Dokobucks into additional cash. While early on you'll likely want to keep the Dokobucks as-is for Island upgrades and new buildings, later it can be useful to double-dip the earnings from the guest vacations in this way.

For more help with all of this, check out our Dondoko Island guide, which has tips and advice for maximizing earnings from this in-depth mode of Infinite Wealth.

Fight in Hawaiian Haunt or Yokohama Underground

Once you have access to either the Hawaiian Haunt (Chapter 5) or Yokohama Underground (Chapter 10), it turns out one of the most straightfoward ways of earning cash is to simply progress through the different sectors of each dungeon slowly towards the end. This is, in fact, one of your best money farming options in general - and it carries the bonus of also allowing you to grind out EXP. Sections of each dungeon can be retried every 5 floors, and players can leave at any time, so there'e not a lot of risk. This also gives a great opportunity to train up different jobs or try out new equipment.

By the time you reach Sector 3 or the unlocked EX Sector in each dungeon, random battles will give you about $3,000 dollars, and mini boss battles nearly $20,000. If you manage to make it all the way to the end and defeat the final bosses of each dungeon, you can quickly earn even more. If you're thorough, the money adds up really quite quickly. This even makes repeating the dungeon floors quite worth it even if the player party greatly out-levels the enemy encounters.