Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 300% Stagger Guide: How to unlock the Staggering Success Trophy

Looking for a way to unlock Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's "Staggering Success" trophy? This slightly frustrating combat trophy returns from Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, combat's changed a little bit since then, and our guide from that era isn't fully applicable anymore. With that in mind, we've come up with a very simple step-by-step guide to breaking past 300% Stagger Damage to unlock the Staggering Success trophy. Read on for more.

In case you need a refresher on how Pressure and Stagger mechanics actually work, check out our general Pressure and Stagger guide.

How to Unlock the Staggering Success Trophy in FF7 Rebirth

As before, Tifa Lockhart is the key to acing this challenge. Her Unbridled Strength mechanic and rapid attacks make her a Stagger damage machine with the right support.

The next trick here is finding the right enemy. They need to be tough enough to withstand Tifa's beatdown and not die before she can get to 300%, but also need to be relatively simple to Stagger.

That enemy is Titan, the summon. You can fight him as early as unlocking Chadley's Summon fights in the Grasslands, but to keep the run comfortable, we handled this challenge in the post-game, around level 47, when you have a goodly selection of Materia and Weapon Skills that help Tifa complete the challenge. You can also handle this challenge on any difficulty setting. We did ours on Easy.

For extra comfort, we equipped Tifa with the following gear and weapons. In retrospect, they were probably unnecessary, but having them made things a bit easier.

  • Weapon:  Kaiser Knuckles
  • Materia: First Strike, ATB Boost, ATB Stagger
  • Weapon Skills: Martial Arts Mastery, Concentration, Synergy Damage Up.

Tifa was accompanied by Cloud and Aerith. Both Aerith and Cloud had wind-element spells in their arsenal to stagger Titan with.

Achieving 300% Stagger in the Titan Fight

Here's the step-by-step guide:

  1. Challenge Titan at Full Might in Chadley's Combat Simulator.
  2. Fight Titan normally, hitting him with Aero spells or Sonic Boom from the Enemy Skill materia to build his Stagger meter. Try to use party members other than Tifa for this to keep Tifa's ATB free.
  3. You may wish to use Tifa and Aerith's United Refocus Synergy Skill to give her more ATB charges to work with. This is optional, though.
  4. Make sure Tifa has Unbridled Strength Chi Level 1 active, meaning her Technique is set to "Omnistrike".
  5. Once Titan is Staggered, hit him with Omnistrike immediately. You should see stagger damage go up from 160% to 190% or more.
  6. Then open the menu, and activate Unbridled Strength once.
  7. Press Triangle to hit Titan with Omnistrike again.
  8. Activate Unbridled Strength again.
  9. Hit Titan with Omnistrike.
  10. Repeat this pattern until the stagger damage goes past 300%. If you fail, give up and rechallenge the fight, aiming to speed up Tifa's rhythm.

For a demonstration, here's a video we recorded of the fight. At the end, Tifa landed over 310% stagger damage by the time the phase ended:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available on PS5. Check out the rest of our guides!