Dragon's Dogma II - Point of no return Guide

With Dragon's Dogma 2 being such a long RPG, with plenty of side quests, it stands to reason that it might be prudent to know exactly what the point of return is for the game's main story. For the purposes of this guide, we'll keep things as vague as possible, as we understand that many players simply want to enjoy the game at their own pace. While the game's point of no return isn't exactly abrupt, it's still very easy to get swept up in the narrative's momentum without realizing that you're heading to the end of the story. This is especially crucial, when a few of the game's most interesting Vocations are normally unlocked dangerously close to the end of the game.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Point of no return

To keep things as spoiler-free as possible, once the player has received the quest The Guardian Gigantus - be careful with your next actions. To be more specific, at this point the game will begin to railroad you towards the ending; and entering Moonglint Tower will directly lead to the end of the game. In other words; until you are ready to finish your playthrough, do not enter Moonglint Tower after starting The Guardian Gigantus. There's more to the point of no return than this, but saying anymore would be a spoiler - so if your goal is to avoid cutting your journey short, simply avoid the tower until you are well and ready to put a bow on your adventure. Alternatively, if you're playing on PC you can always make a backup of your save once you've unlocked this quest; allowing yourself a bookmark of your adventure at this point. This is what we personally did so to maintain our saves from before the ending. 

If this is all you want to know about the game's ending; stop reading here, and have your fun with the game.

Ending Spoilers Below

If you want to know the true point of no return, it's not simply entering Moonglint Tower; but rather, it's by using the Enhanced Godsbane Blade while riding the Dragon to the final fight. If you fight the Dragon normally, you'll receive the Normal Ending, and will be able to reload your save from before the final encounter; however, using the Godsbane Blade will immediately lock you on the True Ending path; whereupon beating the game you will only give you the option to start New Game+.

So; while you can get the Normal Ending without much concern about losing access to your current save, players will want to exercise caution when attempting to go for the game's True Ending. Best of luck, and have fun exploring Vermund and Battahl!