Dragon's Dogma 2 Magick Archer - How to unlock and Vocation Guide

As a returning Vocation for Dragon's Dogma 2, it might be easy to dismiss Magick Archer for the new hotness in Trickster or Mystic Spearhand, but make no mistake - Magick Archer might just be the strongest Vocation in the game, especially once players take the time to invest in it's core skills. It more than makes the complicated method of unlocking it worth it.

Although there's plenty of reason to unlock Magick Archer, if you want a more general guide of where to find all of the game's Vocations, we've got you covered. If you're specifically looking to learn more about making your Arisen a spell-flinger Archer, we've got all the details just ahead!

Where to find Magick Archer

Fittingly for how powerful it is, most players will encounter Magick Archer quite deep into their adventure - possibly moments before reaching the final boss. This is because players unlock the Vocation on Agamen Volcanic Island, on the eastern end of Drabnir's Grotto in Southern Battahl. If players mean to access the vocation as soon as possible, they'll have to prepare to pass through one of the most treacherous dungeons in the game to return to the Island before the main story offers an easy path later on.

Right near the mouth of the cave you'll run into an elderly Dwarf named Gautstafr, who will complain about his back pain. This starts the sidequest you'll need to complete, Put a Spring in Thy Step. Hand over herbs to ail his back - Grandpetal, a Goldthistle and a Pitywort worked for us to continue the quest - and he'll ask for you to meet him at his home nearby.

At his home at an Islet due north of where you first found him, you'll soon understand why he lives so far off from civilization, as his wife - an Elf called Cliodnha - awaits both of you. Immediately she has little trust for you, perhaps due to a lifetime of discrimination for her unorthodox marriage, but Gautstafr needs someone to escort him to the hotsprings in another effort to heal his ailing back. Although his wife will protest, she'll nevertheless accept your help in the end.

Carefully escort him to the hotsprings, and Cliodnha will reveal she had been tailing you. As part thanks, and part apology, she'll both teach you Magick Archer. As the Magick Archer Maister, she'll also hand over the Martyr's Bolt Maister Skill for the Vocation.

Magic Archer Skills

Weapon Skills

We've compiled a list of all Weapon Skills that players can expect for Magick Archer, including their upgraded variations. Keep in mind that these skills won't all be available immediately, and will gradually unlock as you increase your Vocation Rank for Magick Archer.

Frostseeker Bolt

  • Fires a bolt of magickal ice that pursues hostile targets of its own accord and can inflict frostbite.
    • Frosthunter Bolt
      • An advanced form of Frostseker Bolt that extends the effect's duration.

Irradiant Orb

  • Fires an orb of searing flame that illuminates the area and may cause targets within to catch fire. Orb adheres to walls and hostile targets on contact. Effect duration depends on charge time.
    • Candescent Orb
      • An advanced form of Irradiant Orb that extends the effect's duration.

Ricochet Seeker

  • Looses a magickal arrow that flies wildly about, increasing in power as it ricochets off walls. Effective in cramped quarters.
    • Ricochet Hunter
      • An advanced form of Ricochet Seeker that extends the duration of the magickal arrow's effects.

Sedative Bolt

  • Fires a magickal bolt that adds to target's sleep value on impact. Amount added increases the longer the bolt is charged, but as the sleep value is variable, firing multiple bolts is most effective.
    • Soporific Bolt
      • An advanced form of Sedative Bolt that requires less time to charge.

Flamefang Arrow

  • Fires an arrow of magickal flame that explodes on impact. Can control the arrow's trajectory after it is loosed.
    • Blazefang Arrow
      • An advanced form of Flamefang Arrow with an extended effective range.

Hailstone Bolt

  • Fires a clump of ice that grows in size the longer it is charged and delivers a solid blow to foes it strikes.
    • Arctic Bolt
      • An advanced form of Hailstone Bolt that inflicts greater harm when fully charged.

Sparkchain Stake

  • Looses a stake imbued with magickal lightning, piercing a hostile target or the gorund. If stakes land near to each other, crackling bolts spark between them, dealing damage to foes.
    • Boltchain Stake
      • An advanced form of Sparkchain Stake that extends the effect's duration.

Sagittate Downpour

  • Conjures and fires a multitude of magickal arrows. Arrows can be concentrated on a single target or a single point on a target.
    • Sagittate Avalanche
      • An advanced form of Sagittate Downpour that increases the number of conjurable arrows.

Remedy Arrow

  • Looses an arrow blessed with magick that revives fallen pawns when fully charged. If loosed too early, the arrow will instead restore the Health of any allies it strikes.
    • Recovery Arrow
      • An advanced form of Remedy Arrow that requires less time to charge.

Vimtaking Arrow

  • Looses an arrow hexed with magick that saps the Health of hostile targets in the line of fire and grants it to allied pawns. The more targets the arrow hits, the more Health will be recovered.
    • Lifetaking Arrow
      • An advanced form  of Vimtaking Arrow that extends the effective range when absorbing Health from hostile targets.


  • Erects a barrier around an ally, blocking incoming attacks and dealing damage to the attacker. The stronger the attack received, the more powerful the counterattack unlleashed.
    • Fortalice
      • An advanced form of Bartizan that extends the barrier's duration.

Martyr's Bolt

  • Fires the ultimate magickal bolt in exchange for a temporary decrease to the user's maximum Health. Reduced amount determines the bolt's potency. The loss gauge accumulates while charging.

Core Skills

Much like with other Vocations, these Core Skills will directly buff the base moveset of the Magick Archer, and its usability overall - while expanding on the core gameplay of the Vocation.

Climatic Arrow

  • Increases the harm inflicted with Pinpoint Volley and Rivet Shot if loosed the instant the bow is fully drawn.
    • Note: You can tell the bow is fully drawn when a small spark of energy is released from the tip of the magickal arrow. The timing for this is fairly lenient.

Scopic Sight

  • Extends lock-on range when using Pinpoint Volley or Rivet Shot.

Tracker's Sight

  • Increases the maximum number of lock-on targets when using Pinpoint Volley or Rivet Shot.

Protracting Arrow

  • After the user employs a fire, ice, or lightning weapon skill, that element is conferred to arrows loosed with Quickfire, Pinpoint Volley, and Rivet Shot. The effect persists for a short time.


As it is with every other Vocation, any Augments unlocked for the Magick Archer can thereafter be equipped to any Vocation you choose. Here's what players gain access to by ranking up Magick Archer.


  • Augments the physical Defense and Magick Defense of pawns in your party.


  • Recovers a small amount of Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to a target.


  • Increases the likelihood that smaller targets will drop items.


  • Augments the Strength and Magick of pawns in your party.


  • Reduces the amount of time taken for fallen pawns to revive.

How to unlock Martyr's Bolt (Maister Skill)

As mentioned earlier, the Maister Skill for Magick Archer is automatically unlocked upon acquiring the Vocation. There is no special prerequisite or quest in order to unlock the skill. With that, this is everything a player needs to know about Magick Archer! As one final aside, players would be best served enhancing Magick Bows exclusively with the Elven smithing style. Other than that, have fun with one of the strongest Vocations in the game!