Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes How to Run Faster Guide: where the Dash Boots are and how to recruit Aire

When starting out Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you'll notice that your default run speed might be slower than you'd like it to be. There's no dedicated run button to make you sprint faster. Instead, you have a dedicated button to make you travel even slower by walking.

Luckily, there are two ways to make you run faster - the Dash Boots accessory and a Support character named Aire

The Dash Boots provide a 1.5x boost to your run speed, while Aire gives makes you run 2x as fast as long as she's in your party. They do not stack so if you're ok with giving up your Support character slot to Aire, you can free up an accessory slot in your main party when you recruit her much later in the game.

Where to find the Dash Boots

Follow the main story until you are able to traverse through the Abandoned Mine dungeon. The Dash Boots are located in the last area of the dungeon in the Abandoned Mine Depths map. Make sure to pick this up before initating the Boss fight at the end of the Abandoned Mine.

In order for the Dash Boots to take effect, one of your six combatants have to equip it into their accessory slot. It will stop taking effect if the Dash Boots are unequipped or the character that have the Dash Boots equipped are not slotted into the active party.

Where to find Aire and How to Recruit Aire

Aire does not show up until the main story events in Euchrisse have concluded. Once you are past that, travel back to Hishahn. She will appear in an introduction cutscene at the southwestern exit of Hishahn.

After speaking with her, choose the dialogue option 'Uh listen...' to proceed. Aire challenges Nowa to a race around town.

You do not manually control Nowa to race her. In our playthrough, Nowa automatically beat her, so we are unsure if Nowa's Speed stat must be at a certain amount that determines passing or failing this race.

Once Nowa defeats her in the race, Aire will join you. In order for Aire's special effect to take place, equip her as your Support character.

Note that the Dash Boots and Aire do not stack. If both are equipped, Aire's effect will overwrite the Dash Boots.

If you're interested in what other heroes you can recruit around the same time as Aire, take a look at our all characters guide for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to find out how to recruit everyone in the game.