Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Fast Travel Guide: where to find Carrie and how to unlock her Teleport

Fans of the Suikoden games will be all too familiar with the importance of a recurring character named Viki. She was consistently one of the most useful characters in all the games she appeared in because she unlocked the ability to fast travel for players.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes continues this legacy with Carrie, the "Teleporter Chaos Girl". It takes a few hours to meet Carrie in the game, but once you convince her to come to your side, the game opens up in a big way as you can go back to previous areas in the blink of an eye.

Where you find Carrie and how do you recruit Carrie

Carrie first appears when you first visit Hishahn in the main story. You'll be introduced to her when a cutscene starts at the west part of town on your way to Melridge's place after you meet with Euma for the first time at Hishahn Palace. If you happen to wander around that part of town before visiting Hishahn Palace, you may meet her even earlier, but you can't miss her either way.

You'll notice that she often fumbles up her telporting, though Carrie will strongly insist that she's perfect and flawless. As you speak with Carrie, a dialogue choice will pop up. No matter which option you choose, it has no influence on her recruitment quest. She will teleport away after your initial encounter with her and it's up to you to find her again.

Her next appearance is at the north side of the northeastern bridge in Hishahn. There will be a dialogue choice each time you talk to her. Once again, it has no effect on whether she'll join you or not. After this second conversation, Carrie teleports off again

The final step of recruiting Carrie is when she teleports to the south side of the southeastern bridge in Hishahn. After you speak with her here, she will officially join you and the Fast Travel function is unlocked.

Fast Travel is accessible inside towns, villages, cities, and the overworld map. When Carrie utilizes her teleport ability, you will usually end up on the overworld map just outside of your destination, though there a few exceptions to this. More important, you cannot use Fast Travel in dungeon maps and areas

If you want to save yourself some backtracking, equip Carrie into your party when the main story has you travel to the Hishahn Old Town dungeon. She will be mandatory there to traverse some parts of it.

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