Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes How to Recruit Huang Guide: Wheel-Eye Bream location

One of the more tricky characters to recruit in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes  is a fisherman named Huang. He is an important hero to recruit because he is mandatory to unlock many other nodes on the Town Development Tree. We hope you like fishing because Huang needs you to find one that isn't so easy to find at a glance, but that's why you're looking at this guide.

Starting Huang's Recruitment Quest

You can start the journey to recruit Huang very early into Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. After the six-month time skip that lets you take control of Nowa again at Eltisweiss Heroes' Den, Ymir will tell Nowa to find more allies. Your first round of recruitable allies will consist of characters such as Iugo, Kuroto, Mellore, and so on.

Huang is located right where you started the game - at Arenside! To travel to Arenside from Eltisweiss, travel to the north of the Grum County-North overworld map when you exit Eltisweiss. You'll end up at a place called Fort Xialuke. As you travel through this place, you'll most likely recruit Yusuke, the tough-looking guy in the pink trenchcoat. 

Exiting Fort Xialuke on the other end will drop you back in the overworld map where you first began the game. Run on over to Arenside and enter it. Now, run back to where the very beginning of the game began - where Nowa first spoke to Garr, Mio, and Lian. Go down a bit south from that location and you'll find the fisherman, Huang.

Upon talking to him, a dialogue choice will present itself; respond with 'Love it.' and Huang will give you a Bamboo Rod, which unlocks the Fishing system in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

That's all you can do right now for Huang. You won't encounter him for several hours until Nowa's party reaches Hishahn in the main story. He'll be located at southeastern part of Hishahn. Huang is willing to join you, if you bring him a special fish called the Wheel-Eye Bream.

Where to find a Wheel-Eye Bream

Finding the Wheel-Eye Bream is a bit tricky. You most likely haven't encountered it at all yet, even if you've been a vigiliant fisherman so far. There is a hidden fishing spot on the Euchrisse overworld map that is right by the Seaside Cavern. The fishing spot with the Wheel-Eye Bream is located at the southwest of Seaside Cavern; it does not have a fishing pier to indicate that it is even a fishing spot at a glance.

For more information on fish, we have all the locations listed in our Eiyuden Chronicle fishing guide, as well as our 100% walkthrough.

There is technically another fishing spot inside the Seaside Cavern itself with the Wheel-Eye Bream, but the enemies in there may prove too tough at this point in time to reliably fish there.

Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that you will always catch a Wheel-Eye Bream before you exhaust this fishing spot. Once it says that this spot has no more fish after you've caught a handful, you'll either have to wait roughly five minutes to fish here again or reload an earlier save to immediately try again.

You'll have to be quick on your toes to catch the Wheel-Eye Bream. There is a tight window between when it bites on your fishing rod and how fast you have to be to tap a button to catch it. Be sure to pay attention when you're fishing and do your best!

Once the Wheel-Eye Bream has been successfully caught, head on over back to Huang in Hishahn. After you've chosen the 'Let's join forces' dialogue option, Huang will finally join you. He is needed to unlock Fishing at your Town Development Tree, which leads to a myriad of other upgrades for town building.

There are a few other tricky heroes to recruit, but we've got your back and we've listed how to acquire all the characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes in our all characters guide for the game.