Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes New Game Plus Guide: what carries over in NG+

When you beat the final boss and finish going through the credits in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you'll be asked to create a clear save data file. You can still continue playing with this save data file if you want to finish up developing your town, maxing out your heroes' levels, and so on.

If you're ready to start a new playthrough of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the game will ask if you want to Transfer Post-Game Data and the Carry Over Setting. Here is what carries over into New Game+ upon selecting Yes to these questions and a brief explanation of how these surface in your second run of the game.

What transfers over in New Game+ of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

  • All recruited Battle Characters (Transfer Post-Game Data)
  • All recruited Support Characters (Transfer Post-Game Data)
  • Amount of baqua held (Transfer Post-Game Data)
  • Current character levels in the Clear Save Data (Carry Over Setting)
  • Current weapon levels in the Clear Save Data (Carry Over Setting)
  • Current equipped armor and accessories per character in the Clear Save Data (Carry Over Setting)
  • Current Runes slotted per character in the Clear Save Data (Carry Over Setting)
  • Current Item Storage inventory in the Clear Save Data (Carry Over Setting)

This makes it so all the Heroes you've recruited are immediately available to be slotted into your party as soon as you reach the Eltisweiss Heroes' Den after the six-month timeskip early into the game, no matter what. You don't have to wait to progress the story to make a character available to use again, nor do you have to go through the steps to recruit any optional characters once more.

Even characters that temporarily join you early on, such as Seign and Hildi, are still available to use in your party once they leave the main story. One of the main oddities to this is that you can still choose to re-do an optional character's recruitment quest, even though they're already with you. This also applies to mandatory characters still receiving the notice and screen of them joining up with you, despite being in your party already.

Since Carrie is with you, her Fast Travel teleporation ability is unlocked right away, as well. You will still need to re-discover each area to make them accessible on the World Map list of places, in order to fast travel to them.

With the Carry Over Setting, everyone will be at the levels you left them in your Clear Save Data file. If you want everyone to be at a high level, make sure to grind them up first before starting New Game Plus. Their equipped armor, accessories, weapon levels, and Runes will be carried over, as well.

All the items in your Bag will be emptied out and transferred to your Item Storage inventory upon starting New Game+. Your Item Storage is accessible once you arrive at Eltisweiss Heroes' Den after the six-month timeskip, which will still have all your stored items from the Clear Save Data file that you loaded.

What doesn't transfer to New Game+ in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

  • Town Development Level resets back to Level 1
  • Town Development tree is completely reset
  • All material (Lumber, Iron Ore, Food, etc.) does NOT transfer over and is all emptied out
  • All treasure chests will have to be re-opened
  • All enemy bestiary data is wiped
  • All fish in the fishing log is wiped

The most crucial thing to know about starting New Game Plus in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is your town is completely reset and you must re-do all your Town Development building from square one again. This means that you must be absolutely sure you've done everything you wanted to do in your town before you start NG+. You will be locked out of critical town functions, such as the Blacksmith, Mysterious Room, Mission Guild, Theater, and everything else until you level up to the appropriate Town Level and rebuild them again.

While you will already have the pre-requisite heroes for most, if not all, Town Development nodes, you still have to reacquire all materials to construct them. None of your materials transfer over to New Game+, so you'll have to collect them all over again.