Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - Theater Script Locations, Character Combinations, and Rewards

Later on in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you'll unlock the capability to perform plays at a Theater in Your Town. 

This is a very amusing sub-event, as any character can play any role, and it's even all voice-acted. However, only by choosing the right characters for each role can you earn an S rating for that play, which nets you a small reward.

Below I listed each of the five plays that can be performed at the theater, including the script needed to access the play, a set of actors that should give you a high score, and a reward for achieving a high score on each play.

Most of the scripts used in the Theater are found as rare "Star" items in shops. Check out our page on how to reliably get the rare items from shops in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - All Theater Characters Combinations

The actor combinations listed below is the one I used to gain an "S" rating for that play. There are likely several other viable options for each play. The actors are listed left-to-right in the same order that the game uses for the roles for that play. 

  • Star-Cross’d Lovers

    • Script Location: Star Item in Ardinale City Store, used to recruit Clark

    • Actors: Barnard / Maxim / Elektra / Wayve

    • Reward: Masquerade Mask

  • Red-Riding Hood

    • Script Location: Treasure Chest in Leene's room in Kyshiri Village

    • Actors: Barnard / Marin / Garr / Huang / Martha

    • Reward: Red Riding Hood

  • Cinderella

    • Script Location: Star Item in Treefolk Village shop

    • Actors: Barnard / Yulin / Celia / Sabine / Reyna / Momo / Maxim

    • Reward: Glass Slipper

  • Forest Musicians

    • Script Location: Star Item in Yarnaan

    • Actors: Barnard / Riufan / Seign / Lian / Valentin / Kogen / Garoo

    • Reward: Wild Tower Shield

  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

    • Script Location: Star Item in Eltisweiss shop

      • Might only be available after liberating Eltisweiss later in the game

    • Actors: Barnard / Perrielle / Valentin / CJ / Huang

    • Reward: Hunter’s Suit