Death end re;Quest 2 for Steam now releasing on August 18; game system overview and screenshots

Idea Factory International has announced that the release date for Death end re;Quest 2 on Steam will move up a week to August 18. The PlayStation 4 release will remain set for August 25 in North America and August 28 in Europe.

Specific to the Steam version of the game, it will contain the original Glitch costumes for the first game's characters, as they were slightly altered for the PlayStation 4 release in Japan. The Steam version will also have English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

Idea Factory International has been continually updating the game's official website, describing the various components and characters found in the game.

We've shared Idea Factory International's descriptions screenshots regarding story, dungeons, and battle below. For more information, you can check out an overview of the main cast and the announcement information.


In search for he beloved sister in the town of Le Choara, Mai meets and builds relationships with a wide cast of characters in Wordsworth Dormitory – an all-girl's dormitory for troubled and orphaned young women. Oddly enough, Mai's sister wasn't the only one missing, as other people started to strangely disappear into thin air. 

Will Mai uncover the truths behind the disappearances in order to save herself and her friends or will they become lost to the darkness?

Death end re;Quest 2 Story Screenshots

System - Battle

Turn-Based Combat: This game uses a turn-based command battle system. The order of turns is determined by each character's speed. At the start of each character's turn, they are able to move about freely on the field. You can choose to perform combos with your character, or attack from outside the enemy's range to keep them safe.

Triact System: The Triact system allows players to take three actions in one turn. Actions include "Attack", "Item", "Guard" and "Skill". Selecting multiple of the same action can compound effects. For example, choosing "Attack, Guard, Guard" commands an attack and a strengthened guard, allowing you to strategize the potency of your skills.

Knockback System: When using either "Action" or "Command", some attacks within the Triact can initiate a "Knockback", which blasts your enemies across the battlefield.

Knockbacks damage enemies, while also damaging "Field Bugs" - tiny glitches lurking around the battlefield that carry negative effects. If you blast an enemy monster into another, both receive additional damage. If an enemy is knocked into an ally, she may perform the "Knockblow" action, which allows her to strike the incoming foe for a devastating combo.

Glitch Mode: Enhance your abilities to a mortifying degree with Glitch Mode. When Mai and the others step over Field Bugs or take damage, they will accumulate corruption. Once corruption surpasses a certain threshold, the character enters Glitch Mode. Each character has a special skill that only can be used while in Glitch Mode.

Flash Drive: The Flash Drive system allows characters to perform unique skills that initiate only when a certain skill combination is performed in the Triact. Each character has a variety of skills at their disposal, but some are only discoverable by performing them with the Flash Drive system. Experiment with skill combinations to complete all skill sets!

Field Bugs: Creatures known as Field Bugs may appear on-screen. Coming into contact with them can harm or help your party members, as well as increase their Corruption Level.

Death end re;Quest 2 Battle Screenshots

System - Dungeons & Exploration

After midnight, Le Choara turns into a nightmarish hellscape where monsters known as Shadow Matter lurk and attack any locals who dare to break the curfew set by the town.

Mai, Rottie, and Liliana each have Buggy Skills that aid in their party's journey through each dungeon. Mai is able able to hack into a PC to expose hidden paths, Rottie can use her buggy to reach higher places, and Liliana can destroy walls!

Dark Shadow: When the clock strikes midnight, Le Choara turns into a town filled with Shadow Matter. One type of Shadow Matter, called Dark Shadow, may randomly appear in a dungeon. Dark Shadows are relentless and will do everything in their power to end you. Who knows what terrors await Mai and her friends if they are ambushed by these foul menaces?

Buggy Skills: Character-specific skills that can be used to progress through a certain level. 

Death end re;Quest 2 Dungeon & Exploration Screenshots