Type-Moon Studio BB reveals Fate/Extra Record for current-gen platforms

Type-Moon Studio BB has revealed Fate/Extra Record (working title), a full-blown remake of Fate/Extra to celebrate the latter's 10th anniversary. Fate/Extra is the first RPG of the series that was released on PlayStation Portable.

Studio BB's director Kazuya Niino revealed more details on Record at today's Fate/Extra 10th anniversary live stream in Japan while showing off gameplay footage from a very early build of the remake. The biggest changes from the original release are the improved graphics - now powered by Unreal Engine, movable Live2D character portraits newly drawn by Arco Wada, and the totally revamped battle system.


In lieu of the original's rock-paper-scissors styled battles, Record employs a new Command Deck system where the player builds a deck of commands and the game will then draw them randomly every turn. The player can select as many available commands as the AP they have on each turn. More commands can be obtained from winning battles, along with money and other items. The Servant can now also fight more than one monster in a single battle.

Fate/Extra Record will have new designs for not only characters but also monsters; there are even more new monsters that will be added in this remake. And just like Fate/Extella Link, Record will also add voices for the protagonist (named Hakuno Kishinami by default) that can be optionally turned off. Studio BB is also considering whether to add full voices to all minor characters as well, although this one is not set in stone yet.

Although a release timeframe, Western localization, and platforms for this remake are yet to be confirmed, the official website for Fate/Extra Record has an English language toggle where they specified 'current generation platforms'. This remake will only cover the first Fate/Extra game, as Studio BB is still considering whether to remake Fate/Extra CCC due to the nature of the latter's contents.

Studio BB has also published two versions of the reveal trailer; one with BGMs from the original PSP release and another with a new set of music and the Japanese version of Archer's Unlimited Blade Works. You can find both trailers, as well as early build screenshots of Record, right below.

1st Trailer

1st Trailer - Another Version

Fate/Extra Record screenshots