Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire gets a 'Mew World Update' adding quality improvements and 'mew' game modes

Publisher PQube and developer The Gentlebros have released an update for Cat Quest II, dubbed the Mew World Update . The update is available for free on all platforms - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Cat Quest II originally launched in Fall 2019.

Alongside the update announcement, PQube also revealed that the combined sales of both Cat Quest games have surpassed 1.3 million units worldwide.

Check a new trailer and description for the update below, via PQube.

Now onto more details regarding the update itself!

Whether you've played the game before or not, you will be able to enjoy a tonne of quality of life changes! Some will be implemented straight away, while the Mew Game mode and its meowdifiers will require you to have finished the game once already!

Inventory: The inventory was fully reworked - at the request of the fans- and the sorting is vastly improved, including color-coding by rarity of the items.

Mew Game Modes: No less than 8 meowdifiers are now available in the Mew Game mode, allowing you to challenge yourself with several more playthroughs! Check out some examples below!

  • Naked Paws: You won't be able to equip any armor or weapon during this playthrough!
  • Nine Lives: You can only die nine times in this playthrough, just like a cat!
  • Furever Alone: If you die in this mode, it's Game Over, no jumping over to the AI!

Arcane Temples: The temples are now available across the land to make it easier to upgrade your spells!

Quality of Life: Many minor tweaks, as well as quests and dungeons displaying the level before you enter, and the Kingsmaker showing the direction of your travel.

Elemental Damage: Weapons that do elemental damage are now better displayed and the numbers now change color depending on the element!

Royal Arts: New ways to attack your foes are also being added - unique to each weapon equipped! Simply attack during a roll to purrform this new spinning slash!

Sprinting: You will now have the ability to sprint! Soon you will be able to pounce all over the world with speed and grace!

Defense: The defense stat has been improved, and is now displayed as a far in front of the health bar, and will take damage instead! It also recharges over time once you stop taking damage.

New Enemies: The oceans will now be teeming with new enemies for you to challenge yourself - and be a new source of gold or experience!