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New Mass Effect Novel on the way

Book publisher Del Ray has announced that it'll be publishing a fourth novel based on the Mass Effect series of games this Fall, which slots right in with the hype machine leading up to Mass Effect 3's release as a major Holiday 2011 game.

The book is set to tell the story of a grown-up Gillian Grayson, who appeared in earlier Mass Effect novels which starred her father. She's a talented Biotic who Cerberus wanted to develop into a powerful fighting machine at any cost, much like Mass Effect 2's Jack. Eventually Gillian escaped to the Quarian Migrant Fleet and was allowed to remain there - one of few places where Cerberus could not reach her.

The cover of the novel shows the Illusive Man and a girl - presumably a now grown-up Gillian - shimmering with Biotic energy. "Gillian was once the subject of horrifying scientific experiments, but now, after her rescue, she is beginning to master her amazing powers." Dey Ray writes in their official synopsis, "When she falls under the sway of a radical group who believe their powers make them superior to ordinary humans, she finds herself faced with a choice between her destiny‚Ķand her humanity."

Based on the positioning of the other Mass Effect novels, this book will likely fall very close indeed to Mass Effect 3 in the timeline - and with Amazon projecting a release in December, it'll be similarly close in the real world.

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