Ys Origin for Nintendo Switch launches on October 1

Dotemu has announced that the Nintendo Switch version of Ys Origin will launch on October 1. 

Ys Origin originally released for PC in Japan in 2006 and acts as the chronological first entry in the long-standing Ys series. The RPG saw its original English release on Steam in 2012 via XSEED Games, and Dotemu then later released PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One versions.

For those seeking a physical version in the United States, Limited Run Games has pre-orders open for the standard edition until September 6. The game will also be available at retail at Best Buy in the United States, in limited quantities.

For those in Europe, Strictly Limited Games also has physical versions of Ys Origin available to pre-order. The game will also be available at various retailers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, through Clear River Games.

A new release date trailer can be seen below.