D3 Publisher reveals Maglam Lord for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, coming to Japan in Winter 2020

D3 Publisher has revealed Maglam Lord, a brand-new action RPG that will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this Winter in Japan.

Prior to the reveal, the game was teased with a list of staff working on it; most of them were involved in the Summon Night series. Felistella, which previously worked on Summon Night 5, is the developer of Maglam Lord. The world setting and scenario are written by Kei Miyakozuki. Puresound is handling the game's sound, and the main theme will be performed by Chiaki Fujita. The characters are designed by lack, who has drawn a number of characters in Fate/Grand Order.

The Japanese official website has a brief outline of the new game, which we have translated as follows:

Endangered Species Devil Lord x Marriage Hunting = Devil Sword-Creating Action RPG

The protagonist used to be known as the most sinister Devil Lord. But when you wake up from your long slumber, you are somehow being labeled as an "Endangered Species".
Aiming for your glorious return, the Maglam Lord will fight with allies while crafting the Devil Sword.
In order to avoid your extinction, you may even do a Marriage Hunting with heroes and your helpers.


As this news is still fresh even in Japan, a Western localization for Maglam Lord has not been announced yet as of this writing.