Scarlet Nexus partners with a Japanese Rock band for an official music video

Upcoming Bandai Namco action RPG Scarlet Nexus has got an official music video - 'cos of course it has.

Scarlet Nexus has partnered with Japanese rock band "The Oral Cigarettes" (amazing name - where else would you put a cigarette? Wait - don't answer that...) to create a music video for the game.

You can see the music video above, which made its debut as part of Tokyo Game Show Online 2020, airing as the final kicker at the end of a lengthy Xbox Showcase to kick off the show streams.

The track for the music video is "Dream In Drive", which will also feature in Scarlet Nexus itself. If you take a liking to the song, it's available on The Oral Cigarettes' latest album, "Suck My World". We absolutely love all these names.

Scarlet Nexus will be releasing on Xbox Series S & X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PS4 - as well as on PC via Steam. We had a hands-off preview of the game recently where we described it as "an urban, brain-punk action RPG" - and we even had a chat to the developers behind the upcoming title.