Level-5 reveals information for co-operative Giant Robot action RPG Megaton Musashi

During Tokyo Game Show 2020, Level-5 has released new media and details for co-operative action RPG Megaton Musashi. The publisher revealed new characters found in the game, new mechs, and several gameplay trailers.

Megaton Musashi was originally announced as a multimedia project back in 2016, though specific details on the cross-media components were scarce until recently. During Tokyo Game Show, Level-5 announced that the Megaton Musashi anime will air in Summer 2021, however, the video game does not yet have a release window.

The game itself is a co-operative action RPG, where players take control of characters piloting giant robots while taking on alien monsters known as Dracters. Combat encompasses flashy robot battles, with all sorts of movements and Finisher Attacks. Various attacks include melee punches & slashes, armaments like a Gatling Gun & Shotgun, as well as Multi-Target Missiles. Cut-in artwork in battle will be also different based on the pilot you chose.

Different robots have different advantages, and each can be customized with a combination of the following parts: Body, Right Arm, Left Arm, and Legs. You can recolor each part as you want, but you can also equip any available weapon type, as well as compatible Finisher Attacks. The five robots revealed so far are Musashi, Gaudia, Sparkman, Brahms, and Maximus. 

Check out some character bios and several new trailers below, alongside screenshots and artwork in the gallery. Megaton Musashi is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Megaton Musashi Characters
  • Yamato Ichidaiji (voiced by Toshiki Masuda): An impulsive guy who quickly gets into brawls; once something snapped him, no one could stop him. But a strong will and sense of justice sleep deep inside. He is burning with revenge due to having a past where his family was killed when the alien Dractors assaulted. Having a high pilot capability, he perseveres against critical situations with his powers of imagination and decision-making.
  • Teru Asami (voiced by Soma Saito): A clear-headed honor student. He's a strategist, he also has a devious, sly side. Although he's a gentleman who always treat women kindly, it is unknown if he actually trusts them or not. He reveres the commander Sayaka Minami and follows her orders with absolute obedience.
  • Ryugo Hijikata (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi): A manly empathizer. Although he looks like a delinquent at the first glance, when he's surprised he'll nonchalantly shout "Mommy". However, he stands up fiercely at critical times; Yamato called that moment "Awakened Ryugo".
  • Reiji Amemiya: A transfer student who came to Yamato's class. He seldom speaks, and nothing can be understood about him either. His beautiful face would've made him popular with girls, but his conducts are so suspicious they look at him as a creepy guy instead. He rarely ever talks about his own nature, that some people even guessed if he's an alien.
  • Jun Kirishima: A bright and popular girl in her class. A sociable type who can instantly befriend anyone. However, she has a dark side—where she hates herself—inside her heart, and she may fall to that thought even during peaceful times. An incident in the past may have caused her personality to change so that she cannot trust other people.

Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Battle Trailer

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Megaton Musashi Screenshots and Artwork