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Battlefield team helping with Mass Effect 3 weapons

While Game Informer may have had the world exclusive first coverage of Mass Effect 3, other magazines are now getting in on the action with their own previews, revealing new information about the game. German magazine CHIEF are amongst those, and in their preview there was an interesting tidbit about the game's sound design.

DICE, developer of the Battlefield series of games, is helping out Bioware with their sound design on gunfire to try to make it as realistic as possible. They're helping by considering the distance a bullet can travel, what's around it when it gets fired and what's going on in an audio sense when it's fired.

The Battlefield games have some of the best surround sound mixes for this stuff in the business, so this is only good news for Mass Effect fans. Studios collaborating like this is one of the clear benefits of being part of a larger EA family.

DICE previously helped out Criterion Creations with the environments for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

You can find our summary of everything Game Informer printed about Mass Effect 3 through this link, and we'll bring you more as it's revealed as always.

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